CompletelyNovel Collaborates With Literary Agents

CompletelyNovel is very excited to announce a new collaboration with Greene & Heaton Literary Agency that will see the best CompletelyNovel books submitted for consideration by Greene & Heaton agents – all as part of your Pro and Plus Publishing Plans!

Their recent survey found over 90% of CN authors would like help getting a literary agent – and CompletelyNovel has  listened.

Each month, details of self-published titles that have received the most sales and/or ratings on CompletelyNovel will be sent to agents at Greene & Heaton to be considered for representation. Authors who subscribe to a CompletelyNovel Plus or Pro publishing plan, can choose to opt-in to the service for no extra charge.

For many entrepreneurial writers, self-publishing while simultaneously exploring more conventional routes to reaching readers, makes good business sense. Greene & Heaton is a very highly respected agency, and forward-thinking in how it discovers new writing talent.

This collaboration marks a new turn in self-publishing as a way for writers to get the attention of literary agents, while  able to test the market for their books and earn money from sales.

There’s never been a better time to start self-publishing with CompletelyNovel!