House of Erotica Accepting Submissions

House of Erotica is accepting ongoing submissions for a variety of erotic writing genre themes, including:

Multiple Partners
BDSM / Fetish
Wet and Messy
Vampires / Werewolves
Science Fiction / Cyber

Other special categories are also accepted within reason, but cannot contain the following:

Underage Sex
Necrophilia / Snuff

All income generated from House of Erotica ebook sales is 50 percent (that’s the author’s actual cut..not percentage of a cut). Ebooks published through House of Erotica are sold through iBooks, Kindle, Waterstones, WHSmith, Tesco and hundreds of other ebook retailers, which will make for plenty of exposure (no pun intended!) to a wider erotica reading audience.

For House of Erotica’s submission guidelines, click here.

Kindle Direct Publishing Bonus of $1.5 Million for Global Fund

KDP Select has added a bonus to the global fund so it is a great time to enroll your books. Here’s how you benefit:

  • $1.5 million bonus has been added to the KDP Select global fund, on top of the regular monthly fund, during the three-month period from December 2012-February 2013.
  • January’s regular monthly fund is $700,000, plus $700,000 of the $1.5 million bonus will be paid out for January, making the total global fund amount $1.4 million in January. The remainder of the $1.5 million bonus will be paid on top of the regular fund in February.
  • Earn a share of the total KDP Select Global Fund every time your book is borrowed from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library on,, and

Enroll your books in KDP Select so you can earn more money.

NEW: Kindle Owners’ Lending Library now available in Europe

Kindle Direct Publishing

Reach more readers and earn more money!

Kindle Direct Publishing is excited to announce that the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is now available in the UK, Germany and France and that the KDP Select fund has been increased to $700,000 for October.

Did you know that books enrolled in KDP Select in August earned 77% more royalties from paid sales than the three months before they were in the KDP Select program? Be sure to enroll your book(s) today to increase their discoverability and your earning potential.

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To find out more about KDP Select click here and for The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library click here (for the US) and here (for the UK).

Kindle Direct Publishing

State of the Taylor Street/That Right Nation: 10/18/12

From Tim Roux via Ninwriters:

Top line, we seem to have weathered the storm of the early part of this year when Night Publishing went into limbo and Taylor Street and That Right were set up – sales are slower at the moment, as they always are at this time of year, but sales overall have been more than double last year – we have more or less caught up with our long publishing backlog – we expect to add significant new paperback distribution over the coming months – and next year we should start having movies made of our books.

It started out a very tough year as we parked Night Publishing and built Taylor Street and That Right. Anything could have happened but the main things that did happen is that 90% of Night authors transferred to the new companies and we got a lot more work.

Still, we published our 150th book last night (Hannah Warren’s ‘When the ink dries’), and I remember that we published our 100th book (Mike Church’s ‘dayrealing’) last December, so that means we are fully on target for 5 books a month, and the promotions (Charlotte Castle and Roxanne Rhoads), editing (Jess Degarmo, Catherine Chisnall and Sheila Belshaw) and financial (Jo Ellis) teams are in danger of making us a slick operation. If we could just work out how to handle all those e-mails …

Looking at the overall picture (backwards) from a supply chain point of view:

Author => Publisher => Retailer => Customer / reader

Customer / reader

Inevitably, some books sell very much more than others but in general the Kindle Select promotions have given our books far more chance with the market than ever before. Some books that have done nothing for a year, suddenly sell at least in their hundreds. It is a hit and miss affair – one month nothing, the next a hit. We promote every book up to the maximum 5 days a quarter although there are a few books still not on Kindle Select as they are selling well elsewhere. Still, Amazon is really the only game in town to get to readers.

Kathleen has started something new, which is to point certain authors towards writing books that should be highly commercial. The first out of the shoot is Jess Degarmo’s ‘Blood Lust’ street vampire book, and absolutely brilliant if you haven’t read it. Reggie Jones is writing another one and so is Charlotte Castle.

We maintain our commitment to publishing what you write, but best sellers are good, and we are delighted that four of the authors Night / Taylor Street first published are now making more or less enough money to live off. As there are only 200 such writers in the world …

Kindle Select promos are our most effective tool. We have tried paid advertising but that doesn’t do much. Our latest initiative has been blog tours for selected books – these do far better and the authors seem to really enjoy them. We have another initiative we are going to start next month which we know has boosted book sales for other publishers, and next year we are planning with Charlotte to hold four events in London to try to get to major newspaper editors and reviewers.

Overall sales have been over double last year, both among e-books and paperbacks.


There are obviously thousands of book retailers around, but Amazon are by far the most effective in sales terms for us. We can get some sales via B&N, Apple, Sony etc. but these are negligible compared with our Amazon sales.

Amazon has a policy of hitting the competition as hard as possible, thus the exclusivity of Kindle Select, the closing of loopholes where we could play off Kindle and other retailers on differential pricing etc., and we largely just have to go with it

A big leap forward is that all our paperbacks are published almost instantaneously across the Amazon world – US, UK and the rest of Europe – far better than the old system where we had to hope they would turn up outside the US eventually. They are all also distributed through Barnes & Noble.

We have our first test books up now on Espresso Books – backed by Google who are now hitting e-books with their new tablet. There has been a glitch in their database but this should be sorted soon.

We have just opened up a major book store in San Francisco specialising in horror, sci-fi and fantasy, and we will be finalising plans to approach the largest book store chain in the US via a specialist promoter at the end of the month.

We will be starting a major initiative on UK book shops early next year.


Well, us.

As you know we have now pulled all our authors back into one community. We have a great team running and the situation is more stable than it has ever been. We are one of the most ambitious new indie publishers around and are working at speed, so don’t expect bureaucratic excellence, but things seem to be going increasingly smoothly – famous last words!


The model we are working on for our authors is a ‘hierarchy of needs’ I outlined a couple of years ago:

1. set pen to paper

2. tell everyone you are writing a book

3. finish a book

4. have a few people read it

5. publish book

6. have lots of people read it

7. make sales

8. make a few hundred dollars a month in sales

9. write and publish more books

10. make enough income to live off

11. have a movie made of your book

A year ago I said that at least some of our authors had reached no. 9 but that nos. 10-11 would be stretches. Indeed, I set a target for one of our books to be turned into a movie within the next 5 years.

Well, I can count 4 authors who were first published by us who are earning more or less enough money to live off – not as millionaires but approaching a living wage.

And the first TV series of one of the books we first published is optioned for next year via the ABC network and 7-8 other books are under discussion for TV movies, maybe full movies in some cases. Obviously the result depends on whether the movies sell or not but, if they do, there are two revenue effects – the movie revenue payout and royalties from book sales with the prominent display of the related books in all major bookshops across the world.

Now that is what we want and we have strong expectations of getting there within our third year in operation, which starts in March 2013.

News From That Right Publishing/Taylor Street Publishing

Many thanks to Tim Roux for passing on the following:

When That Right Publishing organized to accept authors who did not wish to remain with Night Reading and Night Publishing once management changed hands this year, they were addressing a number of issues, the main one of which was the contracts they intended to offer.

The Taylor Street contract is for all media and is a lock-in for seven years. The That Right contract is for paperbacks and e-books only and is entirely open – the authors can walk whenever they like.

No one knew whether ex-Night authors would accept the lock-in contract, so splitting the two contracts that were offered (while deliberately naming the Taylor Street community ‘Ninwriters’ so they could once again be combined). As it turned out, most authors did accept the lock-in contract so there are plans to bring the two communities back together again because it is a false split – but no one knew what would happen six months ago.

Over the last six months, there has been focus on new ways of promoting books, new ways of distributing them, and on movie opportunities.

In terms of promotions, these publishers have been adding blog tours and large book site advertising to the mix. The results have been variable but they are now hiring outside experts to blog tour books and the reactions of the guinea pig authors have been very positive.

In terms of distribution, there will be physically testing the Espresso Book Machine in Sacramento September 29 on six books and, assuming all goes well, all books will be loaded on there by the end of the year. There is also  an ‘in’ to the biggest book chain in the US and will be exploring how to get specific books promoted and displayed in-store via a specialist movie and book promoters.

As for the movies, one of the first books ever published under Night – The Wedding Gift – has been optioned for a six-part pilot TV series and another 6-8 TV movies from Taylor Street books are being discussed with a movie mogul.

The publication of books has been slowed by everything else that is happening, but now things are speeding up again. They are also making suggestions of the sorts of books they are looking for to specific authors, and you are responding magnificently. For instance, Jess Degarmo was informed they were looking for another paranormal romance, and she has just delivered the electrifying Blood Lust, which will be published in a couple of weeks.

Taylor Street/That Right processes don’t exactly work like clockwork – nor will they ever – but they are mostly managing to publish books within 6-9 months of submission rather than the 18-24 months most publishers offer.

All authors who belong to the That Right community are invited to join Ninwriters at this link.


Side note from me: I submitted my manuscript for the paperback version of Fifty in February 2012. Since everything with Taylor Street/That Right is obviously on a hectic pace, I don’t have an exact date for Fifty’s paperback release, but I am going to be generous and say maybe sometime in early 2013.

As for The Cruiserweight’s Daughter, I’m three-quarters through with its manuscript. While I’m aiming to get it on Kindle in mid-fall 2012 (or at least before the holiday season), I don’t look for the paperback to be published until at least 2013 as well.

Kindle Direct Publishing Launches in India



If you have distribution rights in India for books you’ve published through Kindle Direct Publishing, they are now available in the Kindle store for India (sold to customers in India on The list prices for titles sold in India are currently identical to those you’ve chosen for the store.

Titles sold in India will appear in your sales reports. You can visit your sales reports here.

You also now have the option to receive royalty payments in Indian Rupees (INR) for sales on If you would like to review or change your payment preferences, you can do so on your KDP Account Page.

Read the India Kindle Store press release at this link.

A New Venture: She Writes Press

She Writes is happy to announce a new venture:  She Writes Press.

About six months ago, Brooke Warner, formerly the Executive Editor of Seal Press developed an idea.  What if, she asked, She Writes started a press for authors who want to try their hand at publishing outside the traditional system, but who also want to be part of a high-quality, curated imprint?  And what if they started this press as a an offshoot of the She Writes community, so its authors could leverage the support, networks, and knowledge of She Writers from all over the world?

Authors would pay She Writes Press to edit, print and distribute their work, but She Writes Press would not publish anything that wasn’t up to a high, “She Writes-y” standard.

She Writes Press is not going to be a press for “other people,” people who couldn’t get a deal with a traditional house (which, these days, seems to have as much to do with pitching yourself to a marketing department as it does with the quality of your work).   That said, SWP won’t be the right press for everybody, and She Writes will always be here for ALL women writers, no matter how they choose to publish.

Each year, one to two projects will be chosen that they will edit, publish and distribute for free (in the spirit of what they did with The Passion Project).

If you think She Writes Press might be right for you, please, visit the new site.