Authors on Show Main Site Returning!


In 2010, indie author Lorraine Holloway-White developed an innovative idea to showcase new authors by creating web site Authors On Show “for quality not quantity.” AOS’s official site disappeared for a while due to unforeseen circumstances, but the blog and Facebook page remained online.

An announcement was made this past week that Authors On Show’s main site is in the process of returning. It’s currently in development, but some pages are completed. In addition to a new logo (as seen above), the new AOS, a different author – along with their books – will be featured on a weekly basis in Fiction, Nonfiction, Adult, Spiritual, True Life and Children’s genres. Lorraine and I will also have our own pages and my SEEN This Week column also appears on the new site.

The original Authors On Show was nominated and voted as one the top ten best writing sites in the world for showcasing authors after being online only seven months. Top publishing houses and agents visited the main site on a regular basis to search new talent, goals AOS plans to focus on with the new site while promoting new writers.

You can visit the updated and revived site at, and all comments are welcome.

99 Cent Holiday Sale on The Cruiserweight Series Kindle Books


To commemorate today’s Kindle release of The Marilyn Diaries (D.W. Rutherford Productions, November 22, 2013), all four books in the series will be on sale for only 99 cents during the 2013 holiday season.

Whether you’ve been wanting copies for yourselves or looking to give the wrestling fiction fan on your gift list this collection, the sale is effective November 23, 2013 to January 2, 2014. Just click on the links to order!


The Cruiserweight (Night Publishing, December 15, 2010)


The Cruiserweight’s Daughter (That Right Publishing, October 12, 2012)


Klass Act (That Right Publishing, March 31, 2013)

Want to be a guest and promote your books?

The L. Anne Carrington Show is seeking indy authors to be future guests on the show. If you’re looking for other ways for promoting your books, spread the word about this great opportunity. It’s free and all you’d need is to add authorlacarrington to your Skye or Yahoo Messenger accounts.

 The L. Anne Carrington Show normally airs Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 PM US Eastern time, but additional shows are occasionally broadcast for special events or to accommodate guests in other time zones.

Authors: Get Listed on AUTHORSdb


AUTHORSdb is a web site that helps promote authors free of charge. Similar to the Internet Movie Database, AUTHORSdb features photos, videos, list of authors’ books, and other information.

Some of the ways this site benefits its listed authors (from the AUTHORSdb web site):

Organic (non-paid) Google backlinks are critical to any Social Media Marketing. There is no guarantee however authors on AUTHORSdB are enjoying being indexed in Google in less than 24 hours. See for yourself. Google search: and see if your listing comes up.

Share. Share. Share. In the new world of Social Media Marketing, sharing on social platforms helps gain exposure to our authors. When an author is listed, we tweet @[author name] #gotlisted NEW AUTHORSdB Pls RT [link back to author details]

TOP10 AUTHORSdB. The more views you receive on your author details page, the more you climb to the TOP10 list. Announced every Friday. @[author name] AUTHORSdB TOP10 & is currently #1 Pls RT [link back to author details]

TOP5 Sociable AUTHORSdB will receive a free banner for one week. Announced every Friday. Tweet & Facebook @[author name] TOP5 Socialble AUTHORSdB FREE BANNER Pls RT [link back to author details] Coming soon …

Posting a listing on AUTHORSdb is totally free of charge, and makes a great promotional tool whether you’re an established author or just had your first book published. Be sure to visit the site for more details and to view the current author listings.

About the Author launches in the UK

When readers find a book interesting, they look for more information about the author. We’ve developed a new feature, About the Author, for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD to help those readers. We are excited to bring this feature to the UK.About the Author gives readers easy access to your photo, biography, and bibliography so they can learn more about you and your books, which are only 60 seconds away. Readers can tap on any of your Kindle Books to go to the Kindle Store, and any time you update your bio or claim a new book through Author Central, we will update About the Author on Kindle so your readers have access to the most recent information about you.Be sure to take advantage of this new feature by following each of these steps:

  1. Claim all your books in Author Central. In the Author Central Books tab, make sure your bibliography is complete so that your About the Author profile is available in every one of your books.
  2. Make sure you’re happy with your profile page. All About the Author pages will use the image that you have designated as primary in Author Central. We encourage you to feature yourself in the photo.
  3. Update your biography in Author Central. Readers are going to your profile because they want to know more about you and your books.
About the Author is now available on the new Kindle devices. Log into Author Central today and make sure your About the Author profile is up to date.


The Author Central Team 


How to Become a Best Selling Author on Amazon


Courtesy of BookBuzzr


An Interview With a Best Selling BookBuzzr Author

BookBuzzr subscriber Steena Holmes has been zooming up the Amazon charts. Her book – Finding Emma – has hit the top of the charts on Amazon. BookBuzzr staff interviewed Steena for the BookBuzzr blog and covered a variety of issues related to indie publishing, the craft of writing and the fine art of Internet book promotion. You can read the interview here.

Market Your Book in The Online Halloween Book Festival
Between October 8th and October 31st, you can promote your books on Freado to book lovers in the Online Halloween Book Festival.