The JFK conspiracy revisited…

… and very much stranger than you may think!

Today’s Speak at Night book recommendation is Pa Weathery’s Chickens by Paul Morris.

 “You can sleep in the barn but if you so much as
lay a finger on my daughter or my chickens, it’s your neck I’ll wring.”

Pa Weathery

When an extraterrestrial Traveler arrives on the border of Texas, USA, in November 1963, you can bet that he is on a mission to do a lot more than just to lay his hands on Pa Weatherly’s daughter and his chickens, although they’ll do nicely too.

Crossing lawless lands where colored men are beaten to a pulp to add spice to another otherwise pointless night out, and where the white cops stand by applying arbitrary injustice, the Traveler is headed inexorably for Dallas, Texas, November 22 12:30 p.m., where he has been tasked with an act that will change the world forever.

One review of Pa Weathery’s Chickens says, “It may be no more far-fetched than the official story we are meant to be swallowing.”

Truer words couldn’t be said.

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