Book of the Week 4/14/14


I visit the Pinterest social media site on a regular basis and often come across books of interest that were “pinned” by other members. One Pinterest discovery that caught my eye was T.E. Avery’s Murder by Plane (Amazon Digital Services, 2012), a captivating story of actor/aviator Reginald St. John’s belief that he’d killed his fiancee in a plane crash until evidence proves she was murdered.

Murder by Plane is a detective novel with a classic “old movie” aura, its plot set in the 1930‘s. The book begins on a slow note, but soon picks up the pace once the death of Reginald’s fiancee is attributed to murder. There are few details omitted as Avery guides us through the unveiling of murder, why the fiancee was targeted, and possible suspects, with ambitions and rivalries of starlets in between.

Sure, some areas could’ve used some additional editing, but the overall story will grab and hold readers’ interests until the murder suspect’s identity is revealed. Prepare to be surprised; if my first guess was far off the mark, yours will likely be as well.

Murder by Plane combines the golden years of Hollywood with intriguing mystery, a great read one can finish in a night or two. Hopefully, no one will be affected by the idea of flying once they finish this fine novel.