Book of the Week 3/24/14


When my latest book, Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star made Amazon’s best seller list after its March 1 release, Dan Ryckert’s Curtain Call: How An Unscripted Goodbye Changed The Course Of Pro Wrestling (Up To Something Publishing, 2014) also caught my attention.

Curtain Call details the story of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall leaving WWF for rival WCW and how they – along with friends Shawn Michaels and Triple H – broke character before a WWF sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden in 1996. Using interviews from all involved, the book unfolds events leading up to the notorious Curtain Call, the actual moment, and the aftermath that changed the wrestling industry.

Thoroughly researched, quotes from interviews, behind the scenes details, and well-represented facts combined with strong writing make Curtain Call a must-read for those discovering sports entertainment and old school wrestling fans alike. While some of the book’s contents are common knowledge, I discovered other information I never knew prior to reading Rykert’s account.

Curtain Call is a relatively short book (around 50 pages), but it not only can be read on Kindle, but also Kindle app on iOS, Android, or on your PC for $2.99. I managed to finish this book in less than a couple hours, so it is indeed a fascinating read.