Book of the Week 3/17/14


I don’t get many opportunities to feature children’s books on The Book Shelf, but since Harvey Rooster’s Errol Come Home (Errol Cat Mysteries) (Black Feline Publishing, 2013) has been in my reading queue for some time, there was no better time to feature this delightful tale of a sleek black cat with soft, velvety fur and small, pointy ears.

Errol Come Home is the story of Errol’s rooftop ride from being number one in the household to ‘paw’ relation when the ‘little ones’ arrive. He soon discovers the quiet life of sleepy cuddles and full bowls of tuna has changed forever, and journeys next door to find the lady with the red finger nails who has turkey chunks in her gravy.

Featuring illustrations by Jacoba Dorothy, Errol Come Home immediately hooks the reader into Errol’s pampered life being turned upside down with the arrivals of two children and he is no longer the center of attention. When he sees a kitten slip into a neighbor’s home, Errol follows the trail and discovers the aforementioned red fingernailed woman who welcomes him.

Does Errol eventually return home or does he stay with the neighbor? The answer can only be found in this lovely story children can easily follow while learning a life lesson and how Errol handles dilemmas. This is a book that should be included as part of a spring reading library.