SEEN This Week 3/10/14


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Lorraine Holloway-White has resurrected the Authors on Show main web site. Anyone who remembers the old site is encouraged to contact Lorraine if you’d like to be featured or even lend a hand. We are also seeking self-published authors for future profiles. A new author will be featured every week with their books, book blurbs, and links to their books and blogs.

Publishers Weekly has named Oak Press (the publishing company that released the Bella Andre and Lucy Kevin books) the Fastest Growing Independent Publisher of 2013, the first time a company headed by a self-publisher has hit their list.

Credit crunches and the Internet are making writing careers more difficult that before. The Observer writer Robert McCrum interviewed award-winning authors struggling to make ends meet for his article Tale Spinner. She discussed her new paranormal erotic romance Rough Weather.

Bernard Harold Curgenven started a poetry group, I am Poetry, in October 2013. The group has flourished with about 5400 members at present. Bernard has published 10 books, one being a novel, and the rest are poetry. Seven are currently on Amazon amongst other book stores, all in ebook format.

Do you love werewolves? Then check out Arrival of the Prophecy by Robin Renee Ray. Arrival of the Prophecy is a unique paranormal romance and Robin has not only given us a spine chilling tale about werewolves in this book, but also several other “breeds” in the paranormal realm. The story is solid, very well written and gives us characters we can both love and hate. So if you love ‘were’ creatures as well as a little bit of romance, then this is one book you must include on your reading list!

Author Event of the Week: The Romance Novel Convention will take place July 9-13, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino is hosting this year’s convention, which will feature RNClasses & RNCounsels, each lasting an hour, six socials, an RNCostume Ball, six RNCasanovas, and much more. Visit the web site to find additional details and become part of this great event.

My Latest News:

I received notice from a reader that Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star has been added to Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia pages. It’s quite an honor to know someone thought my book was worth mentioning!

Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star  was also one of the top three Hot New Releases in Wrestling shortly following its March 1 release on Amazon.

Many thanks to Kiler Davenport for having me on his show March 8 along with 2016 Compassion Party presidential candidate Roy Dan Baron. Here is the link for those who missed the original broadcast.

I had the honor of appearing on ProSportsFix’s show March 6, where I discussed my latest book, Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star and other topics. You can listen and download the episode at this link.

I also had a great time talking about the book on The Lost and Found With Danielle March 5. If you missed hearing it live, click here for an on-demand download.

I’d also like to thank everyone who downloaded Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star during the Winter Storm Special free days March 2-3. The book reached #1 in Sports Biographies in the US, Canada, and Germany during both promotions.

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