Book of the Week 3/10/14


Not your typical mystery novel, Edward G. Coburn tells the story of Adam Martin, a gentleman driven out of his beloved Chicago by his self-created but ill-advised celebrity status as a “finder” followed by other events in The Dog Who Ate The Airplane (An Adam And Bagel Mystery) (Amazon Digital Services, 2012).

Forced back to the United States by the resurgence of his mother’s cancer after fleeing Chicago for Cancun, Mexico, Adam accepts a job as columnist for the newspaper purchased by his long-time friend Larry Archibald in Canary Corners, a small West Virginia town. He takes up residence at The Canary House, a place alleged to be haunted by several ghosts. When Adam learns the story behind Canary House, his investigative skills lead to solving a murder, unaware of how clues provided by his dog Bagel become critical to his investigation.

The Dog Who Ate The Airplane is a mystery novel that offers appeal to genre fans of all ages and walks of life. It’s a well-written book with a superb plot and charming characters. Like any great mystery, lots of surprises are discovered as readers delve deeper into the book. Bagel as his master’s investigative partner adds a masterful touch, and this book is an overall easy read that some finished in a day.

As winter winds down, The Dog Who Ate The Airplane can warm up those final chilly evenings. I’m not usually into the mystery genre, but made an exception with this book. Sometimes it’s a good idea to step outside one’s reading comfort zone.