Book of the Week 2/17/14


Shelly Ramm follows up on her 2009 memoir The Life of Iroc the Topless Dancer with One Twistedly Funny & Shockingly True Story: Book 2 (PublishAmerica, 2014).

One Twistedly Funny & Shockingly True Story: Book 2 contains some total weirdness surround Ramm and a couple former roommates – a man she described as “a sponge” whom she had awful sex “with his tiny little man piece,” and his sexy brother, an artist/film producer who made the stay worthwhile.

The twist in this story is Ramm inadvertent discovery of the brothers’ loft doubling as a studio for their cable television show…which was not just any type of cable programming. Bizarre scenes with gross subject matter filmed by men in their underwear is just tip of the iceberg; there’s yet more eyebrow-raising material as the book goes on.

As with Iroc, One Twistedly Funny & Shockingly True Story: Book 2 has its witty and “what the hell was she thinking?” moments. This is not a typical tale of arriving in New York to live out a dream or everyone’s cup of tea, but the stories inside this book certainly grab your attention. You’d have to be there to believe it!

Note: Shelly Ramm is scheduled as a live guest on The L. Anne Carrington Show on Wednesday, February 19 at 2:00 PM Eastern to discuss her new book in further detail.