Book of the Week 2/10/14


With Valentine’s Day drawing near, there couldn’t be a better time to feature Susannah B. Mintz’s Match Dot Comedy (Amazon Digital Services, 2014) as a Book of the Week profile.

Match Dot Comedy deals with the roller coaster effects of middle-age dating, something already a tough market for younger people and more awkward past age 30. Many who have delved into online dating will identify with several of Ms. Mintz’s situations while on the quest to find her one true love.

This delightful book is written with blatant honesty blended with an outstanding sense of humor. Readers will find it difficult to tear away from Ms. Mintz’s experiences, complete with twists, turns and a few “oh my goodness” moments.

If you’re going to be alone this Valentine’s Day, Match Dot Comedy is a mood-lifting treat that puts a smile on your face without the short life of flowers or dental damage/waistline expansion caused by candy.