Book of the Week 2/3/14


Asylum and The Dead and the Dying author Amy Cross writes the harrowing tale of a missing little girl in her latest novel, The Girl Who Never Came Back (Dark Season Books, 2013).

Charlotte Abernathy, eight, vanished while playing near the family home twenty years ago. Her disappearance remained a mystery for almost a year until she returned with no memory of where she’d been or any other details behind her disappearance. Now an adult, she had long put the incident behind her – until her own niece turns up missing under similar circumstances.

A psychological thriller, The Girl Who Never Came Back unfolds Charlotte’s quest to unravel secrets, the truth behind her niece’s fate, and the ghostly figure that seems to haunt her family.

The Girl Who Never Came Back is a peculiar book not everyone may be into; despite weak character development, some editing needing done, constant switching from past and present tend to be a bit distracting, and has a slow beginning, but plot twists and turns – with a surprise ending to boot – more than compensate.

Overall, this is a touching book with haunting undertones, and at only 57,000 words a somewhat quick read. Available on Kindle for only $2.99.