Book of the Week 1/20/14

WCW the Ultimate Guide

Between recent cold temperatures in my area, taking occasional breaks from working on my own current book projects and feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to delve into what some could term some old-time reading.

Bob Ryder’s WCW World Championship Wrestling: The Ultimate Guide (Dorling Kindersley, 2000) may be an outdated book on a now-defunct wrestling promotion, but nevertheless is a book which combines rarely seen images with profiling behind-the-scenes happenings, types of training wrestlers took, how each show came together, wrestler profiles, title histories, statistics, and other features that could be beneficial to readers who either want to rehash WCW memories or just want to catch up on history of wrestling promotions of the past.

WCW World Championship Wrestling: The Ultimate Guide is action-packed, well-detailed, compelling, relives some of WCW’s most of exciting moments, and is indeed an ‘ultimate guide.’ The book outlines almost every aspect of fans’ favorite stars and matches while bringing back memories.

WCW World Championship Wrestling: The Ultimate Guideis a must-have book for both wrestling aficionados and wrestling literature collectors alike. There aren’t many high-quality books on past promotions that are written with such fine quality and detail, and this is one deemed for a spot on The Book Shelf.