Book of the Week 1/13/14

15 Home Workouts

Getting in shape is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, but many gym memberships are expensive and some lock members into long-term contracts. In addition, there are people who either feel uncomfortable working out in public or their local gyms don’t have programs/equipment to accommodate specific needs.

There is a solution; all it costs are the price of a book and several minutes of our time at home. 15 Home Workouts for a Toned Body by Adam Easton (Amazon Digital Services, 2014) offers easy-to-follow and simple routines for getting a toned body in the comfort of our homes. Learn what diet is best for you, common mistakes and how to avoid them, basic fitness rules that apply to both men and women, and how to get the best overall results – all for 99 cents!

15 Home Workouts is easy to follow, with simple and concise instructions for each workout while answering certain fitness questions in a conversational yet non-lecturing manner. This book can be accessed on your PC, smartphone, Kindle, or tablet, which makes working out anywhere in your home – or on the go – even easier. What other fitness book can give such wide arrays of options?

Try the exercises in 15 Home Workouts and discover why this book is a Top 5 Amazon bestseller in training, exercise and fitness; one can stick to their resolution of getting in shape without slimming down their bank accounts!