SEEN This Week 1/6/14


Happy New Year 2014! Here is this week’s book, author, and event news:

Turning the Pages’ annual Book of the Year Awards and Signing will take place April 26, 2014 at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando, FL. The awards will follow an open to the public book signing event. The book signing event takes place from 10 AM – 3 PM, which includes a break between 12-1 PM for lunch. Book signing is open to the public. Readers will have the option to buy a lunch ticket; lunch is otherwise for attending authors only. Tickets and limited amount of book signing tables may be purchased at this link.

The Book Of The Year awards ceremony is a ticket-only event starting at 7 PM with dinner provided. Winners of The Book Of The Year event will be awarded with certificates and medals.

Click here for regular updates and additional information on the Book of the Year Awards and Signing.

The 2014 Indie Girl CON will be held February 21-22 in Charleston, SC. Visit the web site to learn more.

Polka Dot Banner is in the process of several upgrades, but the site is live for those curious about new features at There’s an article on the Login page for listed authors; if you are one of them, it’s worth a read.

Titan Inkorp has New Year special deals available starting from just £10 for a package. Visit Writer’s Stew recently featured guest blogger’s Marshall H. Fields III’s post Rude Believers.

Jason Stanley is open to doing book review swaps. He’s very responsive to helping – even way in advance.

To clarify, Jason’s not asking fellow authors to buy his book, but that authors help each other with exchanging quality reviews. He just published his second book and looking for help with some reviews. He will do two for one if your books are short and agree with future reviews so neither he nor another author has to wait for those early very important first reviews within the first thirty days on Kindle.

Jason is also happy to exchange keywords for reviews to make sure reviews help much as possible with both future customers and the Amazon algorithm. Anyone interested may contact him at, and he’ll send a prompt reply.

My Latest News

I had many great happenings over the last two weeks; I’ll list them here in case anything was missed the first time:

Klass Act was named 2013 Sport Book of the Year in the Turning Pages Book of the Year Contest.

Klass Act received a full-page feature in Turning the Pages Magazine’s January 2014 issue.

The Marilyn Diaries appeared on The Place for Ebooks December 30.

A new interview where I discussed The Marilyn Diaries appeared on Marie Lavender’s Writing in the Modern Age December 23.

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