Book of the Week 12/16/13


Most of us know at least one jerk in our lives…or in this case, an asshole. Pardon my language for the latter, but it’s actually the name of a book. You’ve seen the types: those who expect immediate attention when they walk in the door, cut in line, talk loud on cell phones, treat salespeople or wait staff in derogatory manners; the list goes on.

Aaron James offers some theories about such obnoxious people in his best seller Assholes: A Theory (Doubleday, 2012), outlining many aspects of those with the less-than-desirable trait of being…well, an asshole. Why such people are annoying, why they are part of our lives, how the best way to deal with such narcissists are resisting their outlandish behaviors, and the best times to ignore them.

Assholes: A Theory also offers ideas on understanding the “assholes” in our lives with practical concepts and constructive ways of handling such problem people who tend not to blend in well with others while drawing a few laughs in the process.

This book is both a delightful and insight read; one can’t help but give Aaron James kudos for taking a break from his usual philosophical works to delve into an area in which we all can identify.