Book of the Week 12/9/13


What would you do when a life full of promise becomes diverted by obstacles beyond your control? Would you walk away and give up on that life…or stay and fight to the end?

Kristal McKerrington outlines how she did the latter in her new non-fiction book Reborn To You (Solstice Publishing, 2013).

Among various roadblocks in life, including being racked with pain and limitations from rheumatoid arthritis, Kristal’s account of how she overcame – and pulled through – each debilitating moment with the support of those who cared for her the most.

Reborn To You unfolds her story with memories from her days in the dance world and other tales that will make readers gasp, speechless, laugh and cry…among other reactions that will be raised in this page-turning presentation.

This book is also inspiring; for those who want to give up when life hands them challenges, Reborn To You is a voice in the back of our heads that says “Don’t!”” Kristal McKerrington’s been there and seen most in her short life, and her story is not one to be overlooked.

The only niggling I have to offer is the ghost writer’s identity, which of course if Joe E. Legend. I always thought ghost writers were never revealed at all, but perhaps things have changed nowadays. Whatever the case, I can say with confidence that I thoroughly enjoyed Reborn To You and walked away with a whole new perspective on life.