Book of the Week 12/16/13


Most of us know at least one jerk in our lives…or in this case, an asshole. Pardon my language for the latter, but it’s actually the name of a book. You’ve seen the types: those who expect immediate attention when they walk in the door, cut in line, talk loud on cell phones, treat salespeople or wait staff in derogatory manners; the list goes on.

Aaron James offers some theories about such obnoxious people in his best seller Assholes: A Theory (Doubleday, 2012), outlining many aspects of those with the less-than-desirable trait of being…well, an asshole. Why such people are annoying, why they are part of our lives, how the best way to deal with such narcissists are resisting their outlandish behaviors, and the best times to ignore them.

Assholes: A Theory also offers ideas on understanding the “assholes” in our lives with practical concepts and constructive ways of handling such problem people who tend not to blend in well with others while drawing a few laughs in the process.

This book is both a delightful and insight read; one can’t help but give Aaron James kudos for taking a break from his usual philosophical works to delve into an area in which we all can identify.

SEEN This Week 12/16/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Tired of frantic in-your-face promos on book sites and social media? Then settle in, read excerpts and click on the links to discover books and short stories by indie authors on Gev Sweeney’s new blog, Leave the Noise. Submissions are always welcome, but due to limitations of extracting content from Facebook messages, all excerpts and book covers may be sent to Please make sure excerpts are in .doc format and book cover photos are .jpeg. Both should be sent as attachments – not put in the email body itself.

Turning The Pages Awards & Signing is held each April for readers meet and hang out with their favorite authors and an awards event to congratulate winners of December’s Book Of The Year contest. More details on a venue in Florida and official date will be announced in the near future. Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of to vote in the 2013 Book Of The Year Contest at this link. Voting closes on December 27, 2013.

Concert promoter Rich Engler has brought some of the world’s well-known performers to Pittsburgh for over 40 years, and has written about some of his most memorable experiences in a book titled Behind The Stage Door The book is available locally at Giant Eagle and Crazy Mocha and will be sold at Barnes and Noble in the near future. You can read a local news story about Rich’s book here.

Judy Ann Davis’ new release, Up on the Roof and Other Stories, ends with the Christmas short story Holiday Bonding It gives a glimpse into the life of parents learning to deal with their grown children coming home for the holidays. Read it and other stories that will make you laugh and cry.

You may need to scroll down the page a few notches, but be sure to check out a review for Randy Attwood’s Tortured Truths in an issue of Midwest Book Review.

Susan Mac Nicol’s publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group, put together a Christmas anthology called The Gift of Magic with magical, festive short stories that they’ve published before in the Lunchbox Romance series. Find a copy on Smashwords.

Freddie Owens received The Kirkus Star for his book Then Like the Blind Man: Orbie’s Story.

A new interview with steampunk author Aiyana Jackson can be read at this link.

Doug Bremner’s forthcoming book is You Can’t Just Snap Out Of It: The Real Path To Recovery from Psychological Trauma. Click here to like the Facebook page.

My News For The Week:

The Cruiserweight Series’ books have done well during the last few weeks’ download promotions. As of this post, the books have reached a little over 500 total downloads worldwide.

Just a note that this is the final column for 2013; there will be neither new columns nor Book of the Week features December 23 and 30. I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season and will return with new features in January 2014!

SEEN This Week 12/9/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia read Twas the Night Before Christmas at Tampa’s Straz Center on December 3. This reading carried on a tradition started by the late George Steinbrenner, who began the annual event to introduce underprivileged youths to symphony music, performance art and the theater. Read the full story.

Author Susanna K. Green was featured in The Florida Sentinel’s December 3 edition.

Just in time for Pittsburgh’s holiday season! Pittsburgh Dad’s next live read will be A Christmas Story, starring WQED’s Rick Sebak as the voice of Adult Ralphie and Pittsburgh Dad (Curt Wootton) as Ralphie’s dad. The live reading will take place at Arcade Comedy Theater December 20. Click here to purchase tickets.

Nya Rawlyns has launched her latest book, Sorting Will (A Crow Creek Novel). The book can also be purchased on OmniLit and Smashwords.

Andrew McAllister’s book Unauthorized Access recently made it to 150 Amazon reader reviews and is still averaging over 4 out of 5 stars.

It Started with a Tree by Eliza Earsman is both the ideal gift book for children and recommended for and by home schooling parents.

France’s second largest bookseller, Chapitre, has filed for bankruptcy. Expect the Old Guard Ebook revolutionaries to proclaim another victim of the ebook revolution, and yet more evidence that bookstores and trad publishing are being killed off by ebooks. Find out more at this link.

Jan Warburton is donating proceeds from her books Joanna, The Secret and A Face To Die For to the Red Cross between now and Christmas.

Edward Medina may be deep in the writing cave, but he’s stepped out to celebrate an anniversary.

My News For the Week:

On the heels of The Marilyn Diaries’ free download promo during Thanksgiving week, three remaining books in The Cruiserweight Series are also taking part in free download weeks. Klass Act was featured December 2-6 with a little over 150 free downloads worldwide and made the Top Ten in Genre Fiction – Sports.

I would like to thank Marie Lavender’s Writing in the Modern Age for featuring my guest blog post December 6. You can read my feature at this link.

Klass Act is listed among entries in the 2013 Turning the Pages Book of the Year Contest in the Book of the Year Star, Drama and Sports categories. Go here to give both Klass Act and some other indie books some love! Winners will be announced in the near future.

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Book of the Week 12/9/13


What would you do when a life full of promise becomes diverted by obstacles beyond your control? Would you walk away and give up on that life…or stay and fight to the end?

Kristal McKerrington outlines how she did the latter in her new non-fiction book Reborn To You (Solstice Publishing, 2013).

Among various roadblocks in life, including being racked with pain and limitations from rheumatoid arthritis, Kristal’s account of how she overcame – and pulled through – each debilitating moment with the support of those who cared for her the most.

Reborn To You unfolds her story with memories from her days in the dance world and other tales that will make readers gasp, speechless, laugh and cry…among other reactions that will be raised in this page-turning presentation.

This book is also inspiring; for those who want to give up when life hands them challenges, Reborn To You is a voice in the back of our heads that says “Don’t!”” Kristal McKerrington’s been there and seen most in her short life, and her story is not one to be overlooked.

The only niggling I have to offer is the ghost writer’s identity, which of course if Joe E. Legend. I always thought ghost writers were never revealed at all, but perhaps things have changed nowadays. Whatever the case, I can say with confidence that I thoroughly enjoyed Reborn To You and walked away with a whole new perspective on life.

Book of the Week 12/2/13


No matter what our personal opinions concerning the Trayvon Martin case, most may agree that Jack Cashill’s book ‘If I had a Son’: Race, Guns, and the Railroading of George Zimmerman (WND Books, 2013) gives a fascinating and well-written accounts from the case’s beginning to subsequent trials (no pun intended) and tribulations of George Zimmerman, who was later acquitted in Martin’s death (On a side note, Zimmerman’s had a few more legal troubles since the release of If I Had a Son).

This book documents events chronologically with strong writing and close attention paid to building suspense. Some won’t agree with many points in If I Had a Son while others appalled as to how how the media continued offering misleading information (one point: the now-infamous edited 911 tapes). Jack Cashill offers a great deal of information without boring the reader.

If I Had a Son is neither light nor a quick read, but whatever side you take in this case, this book is that makes us think deeper below the surface. Another excellent addition to the true crime book shelf.

SEEN This Week 12/2/13


A new column wasn’t originally set to appear until December 9, but there’s some great news that I wanted to pass along sooner!

Congratulations to all winners of this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge! If you didn’t finish in this year’s event, rest assured you aren’t alone. 50,000 words in 30 days isn’t easy, and 2014 can mark a fresh start. Log on to NaNoWriMo web site to view the (albeit very long) list of the 2013 winners.

Clean Authors Promotion Event is preparing a 99 cent Christmas sale, which will take place December 19-21, 2013.

Mikey Brooks is looking for eBooks giveaways for his sequel’s virtual book launch on December 7. He will send people to like your Facebook pages or follow you on Twitter. Contact here for additional details.

Erin O’Quinn was featured on her publisher’s blog November 19. The post featured Erin’s new M/M holiday fantasy Merry Christmas, Utah.

Be sure to check out Tom Winton’s latest novel, A Second Chance In Paradise.

A Taylor-Made Life by Kary Rader has been selected by Romance Reader Girl as one of the Best Books of 2013.

G Mitchell Baker has a short story contribution titled A Hummingbird at Christmas in Master Koda Select Publishing’s Holiday Keepsakes: A Collection of Stories, Poems and Memories.

Note to authors: there is a free online author contest. Submit your work at this link.

Authors Danielle Zwissler and Kristal McKerrington are scheduled upcoming guest on The L. Anne Carrington Show Danielle is set to appear this Wednesday (December 4). Kristal is scheduled for December 11‘s broadcast. The L. Anne Carrington Show airs each Wednesday at 2:00 PM Eastern unless otherwise indicated.

My News For The Week:

The Marilyn Diaries was released to a strong reception November 22 on Amazon Kindle. The book is also available in paperback. A free download promotional event took place November 26-29, with over 300 downloads worldwide! Thanks to everyone who participated in the promotion.

Official book trailer for The Marilyn Diaries can be viewed at this link.

A virtual release party for The Marilyn Diaries will be Wednesday, December 18. Facebook members may go here to RSVP. Readings from the book will take place on The L. Anne Carrington Show’s December 18 broadcast.

Paperback versions of The Cruiserweight’s Daughter (released on Kindle October 2012) and Klass Act (released on Kindle March 2013) went on sale at Amazon in late November.

A free Kindle promotion for Klass Act runs today through December 6. Promotions for The Cruiserweight and The Cruiserweight’s Daughter will take place in the next two weeks.

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