SEEN This Week 11/11/13


Happy Veteran’s Day to all here in the US! Thanks and gratitude go out to all military personnel past and present for their service.

This week’s book, author, and event news:

Need some additional support during this year’s NaNoWriMo event and have Facebook? Go here to join, encourage, be encouraged, and perhaps find some new ideas. Best of all, signing up is free!

Readers Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest is a great place for authors to generate more book reviews. Readers Favorite offers free book reviews and hosts the annual International Book Award Contest, among other features on their site.

One Shot Pitch is another place for authors to promote their books. Learn how to get started at this link.

The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray by Mitzi Szereto is already on sale in the USA! Get it now or wait until Summer 2014.

Check out the newest Bottles & Books interview with Marie Fostino here.

Christopher Rice,New York Times bestselling author and son of legendary vampire chronicler Anne Rice, brings his scary new book The Heavens Rise to Gazalapalooza’s Author Spotlight. Enjoy the interview, if you dare…

Truer words couldn’t have been spoken: paraphrased from a recent email April Hamilton sent to a friend who’s been hurt by a scathing review that was peppered with personal insults. She shared the following with Facebook friends (and others) who have been battered by online venom:

“Don’t take one bad apple’s comments to heart. You can point to anyone, even the Dalai Lama for heaven’s sake, and find haters. If you’ve helped just ONE person, made just ONE person happy, you’ve had a positive, meaningful impact. Ripples in a pond and all that.

No one can please everyone, and there are some bitter, angry people out there who will NEVER be able to see beyond their own spite. But the cure for darkness like that is to light a candle, and use it to light the way of those who WANT to see.”

Anyone want to read a sexy bioterrorism thriller for only 99 cents? Then don’t miss out on ordering Sameer Ketkar’s BODIES: Book #1: Staged Fright – A Mystery-Suspense Thriller.

Author and professional wrestler Joe E. Legend visits Israel on November 22. Click here for a video preview.

My News For the Week:

I will be a guest on Andrea Amador’s BlogTalkRadio show this coming Wednesday, November 13. Click here to access the show site.

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