Book of the Week 11/11/13

A Barefoot Christmas

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, some holiday-themed reading may be the answer between fast-paced moments of ubiquitous holiday preparations.

Why not start off some advance holiday reading with A Barefoot Christmas (Cowboys & Cowgirls) by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Firefly & Wisp and Midnight Books, 2013)?

Stacy and Jake fall for each other in less than a week and A Barefoot Christmas tells their story in the usual yet clever romantic fashion. Other well-developed characters such as Max, Lola, Jerry and Pickles add charm, wit, and joy to this book.

A Barefoot Christmas is a heartwarming and amusing book that adds holiday spice (and we aren’t talking pumpkin pie here!). Whether or not one is a fan of cowboy romances, this is one book of its genre that difficult to put aside once its reader gets started.

Good plot, sublime writing, down-to-earth characters, and overall fun reading, readers better buy extra copies ofA Barefoot Christmas, because they may keep one single copy for themselves!


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