SEEN This Week 11/4/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Check out five things new writers should know posted on Judy Ann Davis’ blog. She was also recently interviewed by Suzy Davis.

If you have a blog, book tour, or would like to review books, please stop by Writaz, sign up, choose a date, what you’re offering, and confirm your date.
This is a great way to get traffic to your blog and also to support fellow authors promoting themselves and their books.

Kristal McKerrington was interviewed on the Authors Interviews web site October 26. You can read the entire feature at this link. Kristal made an appearance on the October 31 Halloween special episode of The L. Anne Carrington Show Click here and here to listen.

Amazon Publishing is reportedly shutting down in New York City, according to a recent report published by EBooks Reloaded. Could Barnes and Noble be blamed for this alleged outcome?

Not even close to being a New York Times bestseller (but maybe someday), Adina Falling is still a 5-star rated paranormal erotic romance over on Amazon for only 99 cents Get your copy here.

John Sussewell asks if anyone thinks the decline of reading in America has anything to do with our decaying society. If you have a moment and want to take a peek at thoughts about that all-important question, here is the link.

Combine love, spanking, and a hot military man and you’ll get Liz Borino new release No Flag Check out why it’s topping the Amazon charts here.

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