Book of the Week 11/4/13


Waking Up His Wife (Solstice Publishing, 2013), a collaborative effort by Kristal McKerrington and Joe E. Legend, is a book whose story speaks volumes and is unforgettable.

Product Description (courtesy of Amazon):

Strong, muscled, chiselled, good looks and a gentleman to boot. This is what Anna’s friends thought she married; however this wasn’t what she had caught. They thought she caught herself a fighter. Instead she caught herself trouble on two legs.

Sports entertainment may not appeal to everyone, but wrestling romance is a rising trend in the modern book world. Waking Up His Wife features a fiery, sublime plot of love overcoming life’s many obstacles.

Readers will not only find it difficult to put down Waking Up His Wife from the first chapter, but also experience many emotional reactions while involved in its story. Many of us experienced several moments outlined in this book, making it easy to identify with each one.

Waking Up His Wife is another book to add to my list of “must reads.” This is just another work that makes sports and romance a winning combination.


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