99 Cent Holiday Sale on The Cruiserweight Series Kindle Books


To commemorate today’s Kindle release of The Marilyn Diaries (D.W. Rutherford Productions, November 22, 2013), all four books in the series will be on sale for only 99 cents during the 2013 holiday season.

Whether you’ve been wanting copies for yourselves or looking to give the wrestling fiction fan on your gift list this collection, the sale is effective November 23, 2013 to January 2, 2014. Just click on the links to order!


The Cruiserweight (Night Publishing, December 15, 2010)


The Cruiserweight’s Daughter (That Right Publishing, October 12, 2012)


Klass Act (That Right Publishing, March 31, 2013)

SEEN This Week 11/18/13



This week’s book, author, and event news:

DE Navarro has finished his second book of poetry, Dare to Soar. Read more details on the press release located at this link.

It’s a Waking Up His Wife showdown between Kristal McKerrington and Joe E Legend, so cast your vote on which is the best book by grabbing a copy at this link for Joe or here for Kristal.

Joe E Hitchen will also be featured on the cover of an upcoming Men’s Health issue with an article included.

Mindy Milone Haig’s new book Hidden in the Pages will be released this Friday, November 22. In celebration of the new release, she is offering her first book The Wishing Place for just $0.99! Check out The Wishing Place on Amazon.

Russell Cruse has written a great post on the topic of homophobia which is a must read.

What is going to prison really like? Likes.com featured a story on prison life, which is nothing like we see on television.

Martin Nicholson is hoping to write a series of illustrated guides to grave hunting. He’ll include examples of graves with a memorable “back story” but will also include graves where the masons made engraving mistakes. The latter are hard to find but great fun when we do. Died attacking a Russian naval base in 1919 is one example of good things to come.

Do you find that the articles that are available on the internet on self-publishing all say the same? So does Pedro Barrento and decided to do something about it. Check out Part Two of Unorthodox Advice to Promoting Your Self-published Book.

My News For the Week:

Thanks to Danielle Zwissler for mentioning my review of her book A Barefoot Christmas on the November 11 broadcast of her Spreaker Radio show The Lost and Found.

I’d also like to thank Andrea Amador for having me on her BlogTalkRadio show The Juicy Woman November 13. We had a great time and covered a few interesting topics. If you missed the live show, go here to listen to a on-demand rebroadcast.

Mike Siciliano, host of Spreaker Radio’s The Mike Siciliano Show and former wrestling columnist, is scheduled to appear on The L. Anne Carrington Show’s November 20 episode. Mike is an old friend and colleague and I’m looking forward to having him on the show.

Just a note that there will be no SEEN This Week columns or Book of the Week features for November 25 or December 2 due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and other commitments. New features will resume Monday, December 9. Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, and for our Jewish friends, a happy Hanukkah.

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Book of the Week 11/18/13


Judge Lynn Toler is a familiar face to those who tune in daily to the TV court show Divorce Court, but Judge Toler also shares many areas of her mother’s wisdom in My Mother’s Rules: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Emotional Genius (Agate Bolden, 2007), an honest, inspiring, practical, and thought-provoking account of how Judge Toler’s mother’s “rules of life” provide the grounding for achieving lifelong success and happiness while enduring adversity.

Beneath her refined exterior demeanor, Judge Toler outlines the many difficulties she overcame in My Mother’s Rules by applying the lessons learned from her mother, including conquering anger in constructive manners and walking away from derogatory insults. Her straightforward yet down-to-earth and sincere approach helps us not only understand others, but also – and more importantly – understand ourselves.

No matter one’s race, gender, creed, origin, or socioeconomic background, the various scenarios outlined in My Mother’s Rules all prove that becoming a better person starts with the one we see in the mirror every morning.

SEEN This Week 11/11/13


Happy Veteran’s Day to all here in the US! Thanks and gratitude go out to all military personnel past and present for their service.

This week’s book, author, and event news:

Need some additional support during this year’s NaNoWriMo event and have Facebook? Go here to join, encourage, be encouraged, and perhaps find some new ideas. Best of all, signing up is free!

Readers Favorite Book Reviews and Award Contest is a great place for authors to generate more book reviews. Readers Favorite offers free book reviews and hosts the annual International Book Award Contest, among other features on their site.

One Shot Pitch is another place for authors to promote their books. Learn how to get started at this link.

The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray by Mitzi Szereto is already on sale in the USA! Get it now or wait until Summer 2014.

Check out the newest Bottles & Books interview with Marie Fostino here.

Christopher Rice,New York Times bestselling author and son of legendary vampire chronicler Anne Rice, brings his scary new book The Heavens Rise to Gazalapalooza’s Author Spotlight. Enjoy the interview, if you dare…

Truer words couldn’t have been spoken: paraphrased from a recent email April Hamilton sent to a friend who’s been hurt by a scathing review that was peppered with personal insults. She shared the following with Facebook friends (and others) who have been battered by online venom:

“Don’t take one bad apple’s comments to heart. You can point to anyone, even the Dalai Lama for heaven’s sake, and find haters. If you’ve helped just ONE person, made just ONE person happy, you’ve had a positive, meaningful impact. Ripples in a pond and all that.

No one can please everyone, and there are some bitter, angry people out there who will NEVER be able to see beyond their own spite. But the cure for darkness like that is to light a candle, and use it to light the way of those who WANT to see.”

Anyone want to read a sexy bioterrorism thriller for only 99 cents? Then don’t miss out on ordering Sameer Ketkar’s BODIES: Book #1: Staged Fright – A Mystery-Suspense Thriller.

Author and professional wrestler Joe E. Legend visits Israel on November 22. Click here for a video preview.

My News For the Week:

I will be a guest on Andrea Amador’s BlogTalkRadio show this coming Wednesday, November 13. Click here to access the show site.

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Book of the Week 11/11/13

A Barefoot Christmas

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, some holiday-themed reading may be the answer between fast-paced moments of ubiquitous holiday preparations.

Why not start off some advance holiday reading with A Barefoot Christmas (Cowboys & Cowgirls) by Danielle Lee Zwissler (Firefly & Wisp and Midnight Books, 2013)?

Stacy and Jake fall for each other in less than a week and A Barefoot Christmas tells their story in the usual yet clever romantic fashion. Other well-developed characters such as Max, Lola, Jerry and Pickles add charm, wit, and joy to this book.

A Barefoot Christmas is a heartwarming and amusing book that adds holiday spice (and we aren’t talking pumpkin pie here!). Whether or not one is a fan of cowboy romances, this is one book of its genre that difficult to put aside once its reader gets started.

Good plot, sublime writing, down-to-earth characters, and overall fun reading, readers better buy extra copies ofA Barefoot Christmas, because they may keep one single copy for themselves!

Book of the Week 11/4/13


Waking Up His Wife (Solstice Publishing, 2013), a collaborative effort by Kristal McKerrington and Joe E. Legend, is a book whose story speaks volumes and is unforgettable.

Product Description (courtesy of Amazon):

Strong, muscled, chiselled, good looks and a gentleman to boot. This is what Anna’s friends thought she married; however this wasn’t what she had caught. They thought she caught herself a fighter. Instead she caught herself trouble on two legs.

Sports entertainment may not appeal to everyone, but wrestling romance is a rising trend in the modern book world. Waking Up His Wife features a fiery, sublime plot of love overcoming life’s many obstacles.

Readers will not only find it difficult to put down Waking Up His Wife from the first chapter, but also experience many emotional reactions while involved in its story. Many of us experienced several moments outlined in this book, making it easy to identify with each one.

Waking Up His Wife is another book to add to my list of “must reads.” This is just another work that makes sports and romance a winning combination.

SEEN This Week 11/4/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Check out five things new writers should know posted on Judy Ann Davis’ blog. She was also recently interviewed by Suzy Davis.

If you have a blog, book tour, or would like to review books, please stop by Writaz, sign up, choose a date, what you’re offering, and confirm your date.
This is a great way to get traffic to your blog and also to support fellow authors promoting themselves and their books.

Kristal McKerrington was interviewed on the Authors Interviews web site October 26. You can read the entire feature at this link. Kristal made an appearance on the October 31 Halloween special episode of The L. Anne Carrington Show Click here and here to listen.

Amazon Publishing is reportedly shutting down in New York City, according to a recent report published by EBooks Reloaded. Could Barnes and Noble be blamed for this alleged outcome?

Not even close to being a New York Times bestseller (but maybe someday), Adina Falling is still a 5-star rated paranormal erotic romance over on Amazon for only 99 cents Get your copy here.

John Sussewell asks if anyone thinks the decline of reading in America has anything to do with our decaying society. If you have a moment and want to take a peek at thoughts about that all-important question, here is the link.

Combine love, spanking, and a hot military man and you’ll get Liz Borino new release No Flag Check out why it’s topping the Amazon charts here.

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