Book of the Week 10/21/13


An erotic short story collection with “very happy endings,” Dirty Little Secrets by Heather Lane (Firefly & Wisp Books, 2013) is sexy, shocking, steamy, and downright entertaining reading.

Unless you’re “wild, spontaneous, and a little bit weird,” (as advised in the book), most of the stunts outlined in Dirty Little Secrets are not advised to be tried at home. I won’t outline any specifics that could spoil the book, but let’s just say those “stunts” are quite eyebrow- (and perhaps certain other body parts) raising and leave it at that.

Dirty Little Secrets features attention-grabbing stories such as Paper or Plastic?, New Year Nookie, V is for Voluptuous,Til Death Do Us Part, Merry Christmas Erotica, My Christmas Candy Cane, Cyber Training, Three Licks Is All It Takes, and On the First Day of Christmas…

Whether alone or with a lover, Dirty Little Secrets is a hot book that can’t be missed; be sure to buy an extra copy for the erotica fan on your gift list this upcoming holiday season.