Book of the Week 10/28/13


Halloween 2013 is creeping upon us, and what better way to have some spooky reading fun than Charlotte Gunnufson’s Halloween Hustle (Two Lions, 2013), featuring illustrations by Kevan J. Atteberry?

Halloween Hustle is appropriate for ages 4 and up, and tells the story of a skeleton dancing his way to a Halloween party, but keeps stumbling, tumbling, and falling apart on the way. No one knows if Skeleton makes it to the party without any missing pieces until the final outcome is revealed in this book.

This is a clever, delightful, fun read with clever rhyming and exquisite illustrations. This is one Halloween book parents will enjoy reading with their kids, and can make the whole concept of Halloween less scary to very young children.

Halloween Hustle is a lively book I can easily see becoming a classic which parents will enjoy sharing with future generations. Where were books like this during my childhood?

SEEN This Week 10/28/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

The Giant Yellow Duck art installation which made its first US appearance in Pittsburgh for a three-week stay set sail October 20 for its next destination. The 40-foot duck was loved by both children and adults, brought increased amounts of visitors to Point State Park, and took minds off everyday issues if only for a few moments, and helped many people reminisce about the past. Good luck, yellow friend, and may you spread much happiness across other American cities as you did here!

Want to catch up on fall reading while not breaking the bank? Get some of your favorite books while Amazon is running its own price reductions! Visit the site to check out latest sales.

Lovin’ the Skin You’re In author Andrea Amador is scheduled to guest on The L. Anne Carrington Show November 6. This is a rescheduled appearance due to technical problems during the October 16 show.

Check out Pinky’s Favorite Reads 12,000-view giveaway at this link.

The Kindle version of Randy Attwood’s Tortured Truths is now available on Amazon.

Here’s a way to get into an early Christmas spirit: Read The Legend of Santa Owl by Dvora Swickle.

“When a man in dressed in a a tux and tails rolls his baby grand piano into a meadow & and plays classical music while the sun rises over a meadow in Southwestern Montana…” This is a snippet from Robert Yehling’s new book of 50+ stories and essays, Creating Adventures, Sharing Stories. Grab your copy at this link.

Here’s the first part of Mora Kent’s erotic series, All That She Desires. Intended for an adult audience, this tale follows an ambitiously overconfident young secretary, fleeing her humdrum life back home, apprehensive, but determined of what the future will bring.

New Zealand’s Jean Drew invited Nancy Lee Badger to speak at Adventures in Authorland. Paranormal romance opens doors to all kinds of creatures, be them vampires, shape-shifters, sorcerers, the Fae, Hobbits, gnomes, unicorns…or dragons.

Humor is an important learning tool for children, and Edel Sweeney’s Ollie and Dexter Go Trick or Treating uses lots of humor to get an important message of safety across, something very important since Halloween is almost upon us. The story is about a little boy who finds himself lost while out trick or treating and trying to find his way home.

For all you Authonomy expats who remember the lovely and talented Sian O’Leary, stop by and have a look at some of her other outstanding creations.

My News For the Week:

I’d like to once again thank Coffee Time Romance for having me as a guest on their live author chat October 22. A great time was had by all and I look forward to doing another on their site in the future.

Andrea Amador has extended an invitation to me to appear on her BlogTalkRadio program, The Juicy Woman. I will be her guest on the November 13 episode, which airs at 8:00 PM Eastern.

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Book of the Week 10/21/13


An erotic short story collection with “very happy endings,” Dirty Little Secrets by Heather Lane (Firefly & Wisp Books, 2013) is sexy, shocking, steamy, and downright entertaining reading.

Unless you’re “wild, spontaneous, and a little bit weird,” (as advised in the book), most of the stunts outlined in Dirty Little Secrets are not advised to be tried at home. I won’t outline any specifics that could spoil the book, but let’s just say those “stunts” are quite eyebrow- (and perhaps certain other body parts) raising and leave it at that.

Dirty Little Secrets features attention-grabbing stories such as Paper or Plastic?, New Year Nookie, V is for Voluptuous,Til Death Do Us Part, Merry Christmas Erotica, My Christmas Candy Cane, Cyber Training, Three Licks Is All It Takes, and On the First Day of Christmas…

Whether alone or with a lover, Dirty Little Secrets is a hot book that can’t be missed; be sure to buy an extra copy for the erotica fan on your gift list this upcoming holiday season.

SEEN This Week 10/21/13


It’s been a long two weeks, so let’s catch up on the latest book, author, and event news!

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is set to get underway in only 11 days! Visit their web site to be part of this year’s challenge to write a novel in thirty days. Need some encouragement? Join the Facebook support group.

Cody Kennedy recently wrote an informative and outstanding guest post on The Boys on the Brink blog, Writing Sex and Violence in Young Adult Works.

Kawand Crawford released a new book, Clients and Their Caregivers: Helpful Tips from a “Quadriplegic”, a short read of helpful tips for individuals with disabilities, their caregivers, family and friends. the books enlightens and educates readers on demanding working relationships between caregivers and those with physical disabilities.

Stories for Amanda, an anthology by sixteen best selling authors and benefits against bullying, is set for release October 22. 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated toward fighting the bullying epidemic at

Tom Winton has finished his latest novel and now on its way to an editor.

Wendy Jones posted a blog on October 12 on four top apps for writers.

The question for thriller fans isn’t “why read Raymond Khoury’s new novel ,Rasputin’s Shadow”? If it was, you could ask the rogue Russian FSB agent who’s only known as “The Deathless,” pose your inquiry to certain shady CIA operatives and “security contractors,” Psy-loving Korean car-jackers, or perhaps one of those nightclub-dwelling Russian “Mafiya”mobsters. They’re all chasing an infernal machine whose twisted provenance dates back to Rasputin, and has the power to turn an entire city into a bloodbath with the mere flick of a switch. Clearly the question for thriller fans is, why would you not read Rasputin’s Shadow?

My Latest News:

My recap of the October 7 episode of Monday Night Raw was published October 11 on

For those who missed it, I was a guest author October 1 on Musetracks Click here to read the feature.

Join me tomorrow night (October 22) on Coffee Time Romance, where I will be doing a live author chat beginning at 9:00 PM Eastern.

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