SEEN This Week 9/30/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Jen Lancaster is considering doing an online book club/discussion on her Facebook page if there is sufficient interest. Would you want to log on and discuss a new book once or twice a month? Leave her a note!

Critically acclaimed novelist Robert Boswell joined Tattered Cover Book Store in conversation with novelist David Wroblewski, author of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle September 23. They discussed Boswell’s new novel Tumbledown.

Danielle Zwissler’s holiday romance Yuletide Bride was picked up by publisher Books To Go Now. She also has a short story in the Thirteen anthology to be released on October 13.

Gary Ponzo’s Nick Bracco box set was just released for $2.99. The set includes A Touch of Deceit, A Touch of Revenge and A Touch of Greed.

Read Cheryl Carpinello’s guest post on What I Learned About Wales when doing her research for Young Knights of the Round Table.

Terry Thompson wants to share with you valuable life and leadership skills he have gained throughout his career that will guide you to personal and professional success. Connect with those lessons though Terry’s books at this link. Each book has a little something for everyone that will motivate, inspire, live and lead better.

1883, 1944, and 2012 are important dates in a novel of music, jewelery, history, secrets, symbols, danger and love. Read all about those important dates in The Hidden Auditorium by Rosanne Dingli.

A young wannabe lawyer finds himself on the wrong side of the law in Theodore Boone: The Accused by John Grisham. Read a review by Clay Stafford here.

Wendy Jones recently posted a review of Nail Your Novel: Why Writers Abandon Books and How You can Draft, Fix and Finish With Confidence, another cracking book by Roz Morris that can help writers bring out the best in their novels.

Journeys with the Caterpillar: Travelling through the islands of Flores and Sumba, Indonesia by Shivaji Das is a humble and humorous attempt to capture the dramatic simplicity of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) in Indonesia, covering the islands of Flores, Komodo, Rinca and Sumba. Here, islands greet the sky with over a dozen volcanoes rising hurriedly from the seas, nestling within . Read more at eTLC.

Since we’re approaching October and Halloween, should writers fear the bogeyman? Here are some tips from Creative Writing with the Crimson League on how to effectively write a stereotypical villain.

My News For the Week:

Special thanks to Night Owl Reviews for hosting my September 24 guest blog about The Marilyn Diaries, the upcoming final book in The Cruiserweight Series.

A short note that due to upcoming commitments the next two weeks, there will be neither new SEEN This Week columns nor Book of the Week features for October 7 and 14. Both will resume Monday, October 21.

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