Book of the Week 9/23/13


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fan of cowboy-themed novels on a normal basis, but I am willing to make the occasional exception with Danielle Lee Zwissler’s latest release The Cowboy Takes A Slave (Cowboys & Cowgirls) (Firefly & Wisp Books and Midnight Books, 2013)

Book Description (courtesy of Amazon):

Jake Tavers didn’t know how much he needed a break until he saw the ad in the paper about the Kids Kare Slave Auction. When he goes down to Kids Kare to place his bid, he meets Lorna…and instantly feels a connection.

The Cowboy Takes a Slave is hot and well-paced, with a strong plot and sublime writing. Character development is practically flawless, and the story very easy to get into from the beginning. It’s a fine little novella at an estimate of only 18,690, but it pack much as a punch as a full-blown novel.

Be warned, however; The Cowboy Takes a Slave contains adult content and may not be everyone’s type of reading. This is a book best read in the bedroom (preferably with a partner nearby *wink*) or in the vicinity of a cold shower…readers will need the latter once they finish this page-turning, steamy, but yet enjoyable work.