Book of the Week 9/16/13


The Death of WCW: WrestleCrap and Figure Four Weekly Present . . . by R. D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez (ECW Press, 2004) takes an inside look at World Championship Wrestling (WCW), an American wrestling promotion that ran from 1990 to 2001.

This book delves into how the promotion plummeted from being the top-rated show in the late 1990‘s to becoming an industry joke by its final demise in 2001. Clashes of egos, poor business decisions, in-depth interviews, and never before seen photographs make The Death of WCW one of the most fascinating reads on the subject of both WCW’s heyday and what went wrong in the end.

Aside from some details that may have sprung from rumors and speculation, The Death of WCW is an easy read, as this book is written with outstanding wit, a sharp eye for detail, and remarkable clarity.

The hard fall of what was once a top wrestling company stands as an example of what can – and usually does – happen when decisions are made to change formulas that are already working and proven successful. To quote an old saying, “don’t fix what isn’t broken.” Unfortunately for WCW, they didn’t heed the latter warning.

A new, tenth anniversary edition of The Death of WCW is expected to be released in mid-2014. A limited hardcover version will also be available for sale.