Book of the Week 8/12/13


To dye or not to dye? When the first gray hairs appear on our heads, some of us tend to aim for the former rather than latter. In Anne Kreamer’s book, Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters (Little, Brown and Company, 2007), she discusses how she considered herself still youthful at age 49 before a photo of Kreamer and her daughter opened the author’s eyes as to not fooling anyone about her true age.

Going Gray explores such fear of women reaching middle age. While I am not totally gray myself, the first few white hairs appeared in my early thirties after my parents’ respective deaths two years apart. I do touch up my temples with regular colorings; however, I’ll likely ‘go natural’ within a decade, especially after reading this book.

Can women with naturally gray hair still be attractive? Will such a color of hair give them a disadvantage in the workforce? What will be the reactions of these women’s family and friends? Each concern – and others – are outlined in Going Gray with both intelligence and wit.

In a society focused on youth and beauty, the decision to “go gray” is a tough one; nevertheless, Anne Kreamer offers great insights into middle-age women becoming – and remaining- their true selves, and feeling/looking better in the process. Sometimes silver hair can be a good thing.