Book of the Week 8/26/13


Be prepared to have both a fan and cold shower nearby once you’ve read Fighting For Love by Kristal McKerrington (Solstice Publishing, 2013).

Yes, Fighting for Love is erotica, but both the characters and story sizzle from page one. Jasmine is an outstanding character, a strong and determined, yet sensual woman. Carl becomes fixated on Jasmine and is made to work hard to eventually win her affections.

There are many twists and turns in this book, which makes it both a hot and delightful read, with everything finally falling into place toward Fighting For Love’s ending. I had much difficulty putting down this book, wondering what would happen from one page to the next.

Despite summer soon coming to a close, there is still plenty of time to get in some steamy reading, and indulging in guilty erotica pleasures such as Fighting For Love will makes anyone’s nights much steamier.

SEEN This Week 8/26/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Anne Rice’s assistant, Becket, has written his own vampire tale titled The Blood Vivicanti: Part 1. The book features characters and concepts by both Becket and Anne, and slated to be released as a six-part series.

Want to pre-order a signed copy of Lisa Scottoline’s new book, Accused, coming out October 29? Get one while they last!

You don’t need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Belinda Lawrence mysteries. Download free Kindle apps to start reading books on all your devices. The Kindle app is available for every major smartphone, tablet, and computer. That means with our free Kindle reading apps, you can buy a book once, and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed. Read instantly in your browser, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Mac, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, Android Tablet, and Kindle Cloud Reader. Read more about Belinda Lawrence mysteries here.

Will you go to hell with Alex Laybourne? Don’t worry; you’ll come back in one piece! Read his latest novel Highway To Hell.

Read a new interview with Trista Borgwardt on the Awesome Gang web site.

Doug Bremner, M.D. talks about harassment from a drug company related to Accutane and depression in this video.

Lily Byrne made an appearance on the Jamallah Bergman Stories of Love and Romance blog August 20.

After spending the summer more focused on his day job and marketing existing books, Michael Angarola has begun work on finishing two in-progress books in the Gracie’s Italian Living series. One is an Italian travel guide and the other is an interactive recipe book adding a “look over my shoulder, as I make this dish” component. He is also working with adding links and video that will keep the reader engaged and hopefully interested in the series’ earlier books.

Swimming Upstream author Ruth Mancini was recently interviewed on BBC Radio. You can listen to the entire interview at this link.

If you like your thrillers dark and gritty, with edgy plots and complex characters – you’ll love Amazon bestseller Stealing Power by Bo Brennan. This powerful psychological crime novel is an edge of your seat serial killer thriller. Guaranteed to get your heart racing and your blood pumping.

Kristal McKerrington’s latest erotica book Fighting For Love has garnered good reviews thus far, averaging 3.5 stars. Go here to read one of the reviews.

Many thanks to Russell Streur for posting Pamela Hill’s story, The Sassafras Tree, at The Camel Saloon. He says the Saloon welcomes all travelers.

Sally Bosco had a short story accepted for the Cellar Door horror anthology. The title of her story is is What Grows In Between.

My News For the Week:

Klass Act was the first book featured on the new Hot and Steamy Books blog August 23.

Check out my new author page at CrowdPublishTV

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SEEN This Week 8/19/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Celebrated filmmaker George A. Romero and producer Russ Streiner — whose 1968 cult classic Night of the Living Dead was filmed in the Pittsburgh region — dropped in at Phipps Conservatory August 13 for a surprise visit to see the rare corpse flower that bears Romero’s name. Check out the photo.

Ryan Winfield’s next signing event will be in Seattle on Saturday, September 7. He will be joined by a host of other New York Times bestselling authors and there will be print books there available for purchase if you don’t bring your own. Entry is free for everyone, but you must register for their headcount at this link.

This month, The Rare Book and Manuscript Library honors the influential French novelist Marcel Proust with an exhibit featuring selections of the university’s Proust collection. The exhibit entitled Marcel Proust: Writing Without End marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of Swann’s Way, the first of a seven volume classic commonly known as Remembrance of Things Past Read more at

For those looking at the world beyond Amazon, don’t forget the Emerald Isle. Readers in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic seem to have the easy option of both AmCom and AmUK and most of the UK ebook retail sites, but don’t forget Dublin’s legendary Easons bookstore, which also sells ebooks. Unlike the others, Easons sells books in euros, currency of the Irish Republic. Find out more here.

Dawn Torrens’ new release, Tears of Endurance, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

New on You can now listen to the classic The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. What better time to try Audible with a free book?

Linda Gillard on self-publishing: “I market myself, not a genre.” Read more at this link.

Ash Krafton is organizing a Fall giveaway for fantasy/paranormal authors who would like to expand their audiences. If you would like to donate a copy of your book and be included in a “follow along” Rafflecopter giveaway, you can visit this blog page for more information.It’s a great opportunity to gain new followers and get your work in front of new readers.

Romantic suspense at its best! The Ninja Tattoo by Dellani Oakes: Teague thought life was going well. Home from the Army, he owns his own business and is going to college. He’s met the woman of his dreams…and someone is trying to kill him. Marked for death by a violent biker gang, Teague faces his foe, determined to defend himself and the woman he loves. Go here to grab your copy!

Lance Burson’s second book, Soul to Body, is now available on Amazon Kindle and on Lulu in paperback.

Melanie Dent interviewed Gerry McCollough about Gerry’s books, especially the Angel Murphy series Come have a look!

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Book of the Week 8/19/13


I had the opportunity to read and review Clark Howard’s last book Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times: 250+ Ways to Buy Smarter, Spend Smarter, and Save Money in November 2011.

Howard is back with another Living Large book, Clark Howard’s Living Large for the Long Haul: Consumer-Tested Ways to Overhaul Your Finances, Increase Your Savings, and Get Your Life Back on Track (Avery, 2013), a top 10 Amazon best seller in Consumer Guides, Economic Conditions, and Money Management as I wrote this review.

Is it possible to live comfortably in the current tough economic times? As in his previous book, Clark Howard shows it can indeed be done via stories from those who hit bottom and bounced back through smart saving, recycling, using credit wisely, living below (yes, below) one’s means, thoughtful investing, and much more!

You don’t have to be an economics major or a financial whiz to appreciate the content outlined in Living Large for the Long Haul. This book is an easy, simple to follow read that includes stories of three different real-life consumers who bounced back from their own precarious economic situations through many solutions one could say are mostly common sense.

Sometimes our financial pictures appear bleak, but with inspiring ideas and accounts outlined in Living Large for the Long Haul, along with a few sacrifices on our parts, building a comfortable lifestyle can be a reality.

Book of the Week 8/12/13


To dye or not to dye? When the first gray hairs appear on our heads, some of us tend to aim for the former rather than latter. In Anne Kreamer’s book, Going Gray: What I Learned about Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Really Matters (Little, Brown and Company, 2007), she discusses how she considered herself still youthful at age 49 before a photo of Kreamer and her daughter opened the author’s eyes as to not fooling anyone about her true age.

Going Gray explores such fear of women reaching middle age. While I am not totally gray myself, the first few white hairs appeared in my early thirties after my parents’ respective deaths two years apart. I do touch up my temples with regular colorings; however, I’ll likely ‘go natural’ within a decade, especially after reading this book.

Can women with naturally gray hair still be attractive? Will such a color of hair give them a disadvantage in the workforce? What will be the reactions of these women’s family and friends? Each concern – and others – are outlined in Going Gray with both intelligence and wit.

In a society focused on youth and beauty, the decision to “go gray” is a tough one; nevertheless, Anne Kreamer offers great insights into middle-age women becoming – and remaining- their true selves, and feeling/looking better in the process. Sometimes silver hair can be a good thing.

SEEN This Week 8/12/13


This week’s book, author, and event news:

Introducing Volume One of Ana Vela’s Alpha Trio series Alpha Trio: Vol. 1 – Cats & Dogs tells about among the hidden world of the supernatural, the secret Shifter police squad known as the Alpha Trio is renowned for their fierce expertise. Only the best fighters ever rise to join their storied ranks.Emilian Lupei and his brothers are the best of the best. But even they need a night off to kick back and relax! While sampling the night life at 5tM, the hottest club in the city, a gorgeous young woman stumbles into Emilian’s path and it’s just his luck that she’s being chased by a vampire. Now he’s got to deal with the potential supernatural incident on his hands. But that’s not his only problem…Even more importantly, will be be able to keep his hands off Cat, the luscious human woman who needs his help?

Michael Lorde’s Tolomay’s World and The Mountain of TEGI was recently released on Kindle with softcover version available soon. You can pick up a copyTolomay’s World and The Pool of Light as well.

Sometimes you get what you wish for. What if it changes you forever? Freya’s Spell by Kathleen Ann Gallagher is a sexy read about a lonely witch in search of a man who can love her the way she has always dreamed of.

Randy Attwood was in Pomona, KS for a book signing August 2. Pomona is a town west of Ottawa, and its library is located in a corner of its community center/city hall. Ten other authors also attended the event.

Australian author Julie Anne Grasso shares publishing and marketing strategies at this link.

There is only a short time remaining to enter the Short Fiction Contest for August. It couldn’t be easier to enter; just write a story of up to 500 words based on the image on the competition page. You can then submit your story via the form provided, there’s no entry fee and you could win a £50 Amazon gift card. Go here to view the page and enter the competition.

Michaelson Williams spoke about his book Trainwashing: The Secrets of Positive Brain Washing in an interview with hosted by Steve Toth on August 8. You can click here to learn more.

For anyone who seeks a serious writing reference, visit The Writer’s Cafe for a complete list of references and other helpful tools at this link.

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Book of the Week 8/5/13

GreaterTampaBayGuideAugust has arrived, which means fall is just around the corner. August is also the peak of vacation season, and whether you’re Florida bound for a last-minute trip or to spend the entire month relaxing in Tampa Bay (among many great spots), Insiders’ Guide to the Greater Tampa Bay Area: Including Tampa, St. Petersburg, & Clearwater (Insiders’ Guide Series) (Globe Pequot Press, 2010) is a great book to pack alongside the bathing suits and sunscreen.

Insiders’ Guide to the Greater Tampa Bay Area highlights the best of Tampa and its surrounding destinations, including restaurants, hotels, must-see attractions, recreation, shopping, arts and entertainment, and much more in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Pete, complete with reviews.

Planning to live in rather than just visit? Insiders’ Guide to the Greater Tampa Bay Area features a section on relocating to, living, and thriving in Tampa with little difficulty as possible; great for those who need guidance adjusting to everything from warmer Florida temperatures to fitting in with the locals.

This book has somewhat become my bible on everything Tampa and surrounding areas, since my partner has both a business and new home in the area. While the Pittsburgh area remains my main base, Tampa has easily become my second home of sorts. Insiders’ Guide to the Greater Tampa Bay Area played a large role in helping me get settled while answering a lot of questions. I highly recommend this guide for anyone planning an itinerary for their next trip to Florida. Have a safe and happy trip!