SEEN This Week 7/29/13

AOS101 This week’s book, author, and event news:

Jenni James’Faerie Tale Collection is going to be a series of online games where anyone can go and read bits of the story while playing. Each new scene is a different level. Thanks to the wonderful cover artist Claudia Lucia McKinney, who is putting everything together. The first game should go live in a few weeks.

Lost in the Shadows by Selah Janel and S.H. Roddey is now available on Kindle, with the paperback to be released soon.

Willie Meikle’s first novel Island Life is out again in paperback and ebook from Gryphonwood Press.

With nine five-star reviews on Amazon and a five-star review on Manic Readers, this summer’s must read is new release, The Winter Girl, by Elodie Parkes from ,Hot Ink Press. The contemporary erotic romance is available now on Kindle for only $2.99.

Doug Bremner’s latest book, The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth: How Genealogy Captured the Brains and Imaginations of Americans is described by a reviewer as “Another fascinating adventure by this author with great attention to detail, a unique sense of humor and a compelling way of writing about both himself and his topic. For millions of Americans, the quest to find one’s ancestors has become an obsession, and for some even a religion. After writing a book about the history of his family, the author realized that half of it was missing, literally. This is the story about how he found the other half, and what he learned along the way about the history and practice of genealogy, his fellow genealogy fanatics, and himself.”

You can get the book for 99 cents on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon. Other formats may be found at this link.

Madison Johns’ third book in the Agnes Barton series, Senior Snoops, is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This book has the ladies journeying to Florida for the winter and the trouble they get into is downright hilarious.

What does become of the broken hearted? The answer touches the soul as this mom gave up her child to adoption, but the outcome wasn’t what she expected- A story of heartache turned to healing and joy. Author and novelist Christine Lindsay relates a riveting story here.

Congratulations to A.L. Flagg, whose book, Fate, was just released by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Here is the Amazon link, and is free for Amazon Prime members.

My News for the Week:

I’d like to thank CK Webb for having me as a guest on the July 23 broadcast of WebbWeaver Books. For those who missed it, you can listen to the rebroadcast by clicking here.

Special thanks also go to Matt ‘The Hitman’ Hoover and Anthony ‘Professor’ Pires of for guesting on this past week’s edition of The L. Anne Carrington Show. You can listen to Part One here and Part Two at this link. For archived past shows, visit my YouTube channel.

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