Book of the Week 7/29/13


It’s common knowledge that walking is good for us (perhaps the best exercise out there), but Walk Your Butt Off!: Go from Sedentary to Slim in 12 Weeks with This Breakthrough Walking Plan by Sarah Lorge Butler, Michele Stanten, and Leslie Bonci (Rodale Books, 2013) not only motivates even the most recent beginners to begin a walking program but also helps the more than 100 million Americans who already walk for exercise to break through plateaus and boost results, with no more than thirty minutes a day for each walking exercise.

Paired with simple nutrition secrets from renowned sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci, Walk Your Butt Off! kick starts a weight loss program suited for everyone, along with case studies, tips on how to make your walks more effective, and other useful information that will help even the busiest person manage to get in 30 minutes a day towards better health.

Walk Your Butt Off! is a well-organized, easy to read book with instructions that are simple to follow. Most is common sense most of us have known for decades; nevertheless, for those who have no time for the gym yet want (or need) a good exercise program, this book will help you get walking down a path to improving one’s physical and emotional well-being.