SEEN This Week 7/22/13

AOS101 This week’s book, author, and event news:

Charity Parkerson and Regina Puckett have signed a three- book deal with Ellora’s CaveShivers line.

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Selah Janel talks about the thoughts behind my recent book release here.

Interested in a book one publisher called “brilliantly disturbing?” Be sure to grab a copy of Blow Up the Roses by Randy Attwood.

Piper Bayard is a recovering attorney, a full-time author, and the managing editor of Social In Worldwide, Inc., a news and events network. Her debut dystopian thriller, Firelands, is available from Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle and in e-book at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes for iPad and mobile devices. She is currently working with a “senior mouseketeer” in the intelligence community on a seven-book series of spy thrillers. Her post is titled Hemingway was Right. You can read more about Piper at this link.

Michael Joseph’s mystery thriller A New Dawn Rising is now out on Kindle.

Bobby’s Girl by Bernie Morris is currently a free giveaway from Goodreads until August 3.

If you like reading and magic, be sure to check out A Man Of No Magic by
Radi Radev.

Watch the interview on WCAX TV of J.D Masterson’s discussing The Scorpion’s Sting: A Magdalena LaSige Suspense novel, which received three awards. The interview is 3:36 minutes.

Tom Ufert’s second book, Poor Tom’s Quotes “On the Roll,” is finished and off to the editor and marketing team for some final touches.

Snippet of Reborn To You by Kristal McKerrington, which will be released soon: “One of the hardest lessons I watched people learn is you can’t become your dance character forever. The character will not stop the pain we all ran from, rather it makes it worse. We are addicted to dance because it makes the pain stop and takes away the disappointment. The moment you step into the light, you can think of nothing else for nothing else exists.” You can view the upcoming book’s cover at this link.

Bo Fowler has written a new short story. Read it here.

My News for the Week:

Reminder: I will be appearing live on WebbWeaver Books Tuesday, July 23 at noon EDT.

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