Book of the Week 7/22/13

WithEyesFromBothSidesBlack Mafia widow Thelma Wright tells her intense story to C. Alease in With Eyes From Both Sides: Living My Life In and Out of the Game (CreateSpace, 2011),

With Eyes From Both Sides is a well-written account of Thelma’s life evolving from a “good girl” brought up by loving Catholic parents in South Philadelphia to falling in “crazy love” with and marriage to Jackie Wright, a Philadelphia drug kingpin in the seventies and eighties, becoming a “queenpin” in the game after her husband’s murder with drug operations expanding from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, and then one of the few who eventually walked away from “the game” alive.

This is a book for anyone who ever fell victim to the old adage of “love is blind” and its subsequent consequences. As Thelma herself summed up her story about the book, “There are really roads, highways to this life, with fast lanes and slow lanes and some with banked curves and circles around which we are driven. My story is a warning for women who think that the fast lane is the road less traveled, and therefore the best one to take. It is a cautionary tale for the inquisitive, middle of the road wanderers, who stumble at the fork, wondering what it might be like. But above all, it is a prayer for women all over the world who wish to know the truth of the matter. If you are in the ‘game,’ get out, because it will destroy you.”

With Eyes From Both Sides is one true-account book readers will find difficult to put down once they get started. It’s fast-paced with brilliant focus on detail, and plenty of nostalgia. Even two years since it’s initial release on the market, With Eyes From Both Sides still has its luster in the memoir genre.