Book of the Week 7/15/13


If it’s reading by the pool or something in which to indulge over lunch break, Calling You Home by Kristal McKerrington (Solstice Publishing, 2013) is the perfect choice for both former and latter.

Calling You Home is the first book of a saga which is aimed toward being developed into its own series. It’s one of those “love lost and then once again found” stories intertwined with secrets the heroine kept hidden for many decades. I won’t reveal the plot here, but I can say potential readers should have at least a few tissues within reach.

The story in Calling You Home is nicely crafted and very well-paced. Strong character development and a page-turning plot will make you want to read this book more than once just to make sure you haven’t missed anything important in the story. I’m hoping this does indeed become a series, because I’m already looking forward to the next installment.