Book of the Week 7/8/13


While published almost a decade ago, Pittsburgh Then and Now (Thunder Bay Press, 2004) by Walter C. Kidney is still a good addition to those into history of the city of Pittsburgh.

Not to be confused with the 1990 coffee table book of the same name by Professor Arthur Smith, Kidney’s version of Pittsburgh Then and Now contains black and white photographs of Pittsburgh past alongside modern-day captures in brilliant color. The captions are also well constructed with historical flavor.

Some of the buildings no longer stand today and there are omissions as to what happened to certain places and why, but Pittsburgh Then and Now is still a beautiful tribute to what was once a smoky city of steel mills that has since evolved into a more modern paradise over the last several decades.

The price is also right for Pittsburgh Then and Now; $14.95 for a hardcover, coffee table-style book is quite the bargain to relive some old nostalgia.


One thought on “Book of the Week 7/8/13

  1. We compare Pittsburgh city in the past what is it now is same. there is no changing just seem like white and black picture no colored

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