Book of the Week 6/24/13


if you’re a movie buff who enjoys a bit of local flavor, ‘Pittsburgh Film History’ is the hottest book in town right now. Pittsburgh Film History: On Set in the Steel City by John Tiech (The History Press, 2012) covers all movies and television shows made in Pittsburgh over the last several years. Read all of the unbelievable stories from behind-the-scenes and discover a side of Pittsburgh you never saw before. The book also contains dozens of rare set photos.

This is perhaps the best book I’ve read on local film history; as an extra in a few films, many memories were recalled in some of the sections of Pittsburgh Film History. Well-researched, sublime writing, thorough descriptions, and excellent details round out this book very well. It’s beyond refreshing to see a book about film not focused on Hollywood or other common cities. John Tiech does an outstanding job in leading readers from the silent picture era to recent films – some which have become everything from cult favorites to classics.

Pittsburgh Film History is a must-read for any film aficionado whose interest in “The Hollywood of the East” is piqued. Many favorite things are found inside it, be it the high-quality photos or material on each movie made here in what was once known as the Smoky City.