Book of the Week 6/17/13


Summer season has arrived and you know what’s next – bugs! We know how tough it is to find ways to kill the pesky creatures, but new and more natural ways can be found in Dr. Myles H. Bader’s Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You (Telebrands Corporation, 2012).

This isn’t the average TV- hawked book. As a pet owner, I was always looking for safer ways to kill the occasional bug without worrying about harming the cats. Natural Solutions offers many sure-fire cures to pest control without harmful chemicals found in commercial products – and many items can be found in our own homes, many we use on an everyday basis!

Natural Solutions contains various information on common crawlie things that tend to invade our homes, complete with photos and detailed instructions on how to eliminate (if not at least control) specific bug issues. While I wouldn’t recommend the mosquito repellant (you’re better investing in OFF in that aspect), the other repellant guidelines should be useful, particularly if you’re tired of high-priced, chemical-ridden commercial products or looking for more effective solutions without a trip to the store between exterminator visits.