Book of the Week 5/27/13


Happy Memorial Day!

If you live or visited Pittsburgh, the local lingo may already be familiar. For those who plan to travel to the area and have no idea what anyone is talking about, perhaps Mr. Yinzer Bible’s Yinzer Bible: PITTSBURGH N’At: If You Don’t Understand Go Back To Cleveland! (CreateSpace, 2012) can be some help.

Yinzer Bible covers everything local flavored from culture to dialect and even its unique form of speaking known as “Pittsburghese.” You’ll read about popular area food and beverages and things to do in the city, among other goodies.

Yinzer Bible is witty as it is informative, a must-read for anyone moving to the area, visiting the city, or lifelong residents wanting to embrace the culture one can only find in Pittsburgh.

Hey, if some visitors from Philadelphia loved this book, why not have a read yourself?