Book of the Week 5/6/13


Crash Into Me: A Survivor’s Search for Justice (Bloomsbury USA, 2011) is a riveting true story of author Liz Seccuro’s world being torn apart when she received a letter from a man who raped her twenty-two years earlier, asking for forgiveness.

Through e-mail correspondence with her rapist, Seccuro tried to piece together what and why that attack happened; as a result, she set forward to prosecute her assailant. In the process, many other aspects of the crime were uncovered.

Crash Into Me is perhaps one of the most well-written and detailed accounts of a rape survivor. It is a highly recommended read for both college students and sexual assault survivors. Seccuro’s account of what happened to her and the initiative she took to bring her attacker to justice will walk away with a far different perspective of what sexual assault actually is and why reporting the crime is important – even if it’s several years after the fact.

The final outcome of Crash Into Me is not what one will expect…but you’ll have to read this dynamic work to find out.