SEEN This Week 5/27/13

AOS101Happy Memorial Day to everyone here in the US! I hope you are having a safe and happy one.

This week’s book, author, and event news:

Prayers from around the world are extended to those who suffered through a devastating tornado this past week in Moore, Oklahoma.

Congratulations to Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s very own Caitlin Peabody for making Pointe Magazine’s Top 10 Favorite Stars of the Corps in the June issue!

Support fellow author Joe E. Legend on his first experiences in publishing on June 27. He and Kristal McKerrington will release Marie’s World worldwide. He’s hosting an event with Firefly & Wisp Publishing, sharing his experiences writing and journey to become an author.

K. R. Haynes, author of sinfully spicy erotic romance novels, has a new release coming in June, The Fire in Her Eyes. Go here for additional details.

Check out the entire first chapter of A French Affair by Lucy Felthouse on 1st Chapters.

Are European men the best? Give us your opinion and read what Sloane Taylor has to say on the Musa blog. While you’re there, check out Sloane’s erotic romance Heated Negotiations Book One in the Magnificent Men of Munich series.

You can make a big difference…simply by buying a book. The proceeds from Ash Krafton’s story Deliverance will go to the Jamison Benefit Fund, collected to assist a patient undergoing extensive treatment for severe Crohn Syndrome. Every purchase of this $2.99 ebook will add $2 to this fun and, when it comes to paying medical bills, you know that every penny makes a difference.

S. Furlong-Bolliger returns to Untreed Reads with another brilliant crime short. Surprise Larceny is only 0.99, 0.69 if you purchase through The Untreed Reads Store through May 31.

GIMBAL is a new way to experience short stories from around the world. It’s an app for the iPhone (and iPad) that transports you to cities around the world in a unique way… Download it for FREE from the app store now.

Congratulations to Deb Coty for being a Selah Finalist for More Beauty, Less Beast. Released in 2012, this humorous book shows readers how to “tame the inner ogre.”

My News for the Week:

My new erotica short story collection, Secret Heat: Tales of Forbidden Lust, has been released on Amazon Kindle.

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Book of the Week 5/27/13


Happy Memorial Day!

If you live or visited Pittsburgh, the local lingo may already be familiar. For those who plan to travel to the area and have no idea what anyone is talking about, perhaps Mr. Yinzer Bible’s Yinzer Bible: PITTSBURGH N’At: If You Don’t Understand Go Back To Cleveland! (CreateSpace, 2012) can be some help.

Yinzer Bible covers everything local flavored from culture to dialect and even its unique form of speaking known as “Pittsburghese.” You’ll read about popular area food and beverages and things to do in the city, among other goodies.

Yinzer Bible is witty as it is informative, a must-read for anyone moving to the area, visiting the city, or lifelong residents wanting to embrace the culture one can only find in Pittsburgh.

Hey, if some visitors from Philadelphia loved this book, why not have a read yourself?

Amazon’s Kindle Worlds will pay writers to write fan fiction

(Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET)

People who write fan fiction could find a paying market for their work courtesy of Amazon.

Unveiled Wednesday, Kindle Worlds is a new publishing venture from Amazon that promises to reward both writers and the original rights holders for new fiction based on existing stories and characters.

Authors who create works of at least 10,000 words in length will receive 35 percent of the net revenue based on the actual sales price, with royalties paid each month. Those who write shorter pieces between 5,000 and 10,000 words will receive a digital royalty of 20 percent of the sales price.

Read more:

Book of the Week 5/20/13


Are you a quiet person or know one in your life? Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (Crown, 2012), the New York Times best seller by Susan Cain reflects on the topic of the introvert, their struggles from everything from being told to “speak up!” to being undervalued in general.

Cain shows us a side of quiet people with a refreshing, bright perspective, including stories from actual introverts. The author shows that introverted people can be (and are) as intelligent as extroverts, how some have made differences in the world as we know it, and most important, Quiet is well-written and thoroughly researched.

I could easily relate to many contents in Quiet, being I was both a shy child and adolescent. To a degree, being an introvert played a role in my own writing. There are many “quiet” authors – among other professions – who managed to succeed.

As another reviewer pointed out, without introverts, the world would be devoid of:

The theory of gravity
The theory of relativity
W.B. Yeats’s The Second Coming
Chopin’s nocturnes
Proust’s In Search of Lost Time
Peter Pan
Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm
The Cat in the Hat
Charlie Brown
Schindler’s List, E.T., and Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Harry Potter

If you’re looking for works of nonfiction that will help boost self-esteem of either yourself or someone you love, Quiet should be at the top of that list.

SEEN This Week 5/20/13

AOS101This week’s book, author, and event news:

Stephen King will release a sequel to his classic bestseller The Shining in September 2013.

WPXI See & Be Seen won for Best Online Entertainment at the Golden Quills May 13. Carly won for Best Feature and S&BS’s digital team won for Best Spot News. See a photo here. WPXI is the Pittsburgh NBC affiliate.

Among countless other notable achievements, he gave the world the beloved John Rambo character in his 1972 debut novel First Blood. Now internationally bestselling author David Morrell brings his brand new and highly acclaimed Victorian thriller, Murder as a Fine Art to the Gazalaplooza Author Spotlight.

Congratulations to Victoria Tweed, who made The New York Times May 19 bestseller list with her nonfiction work Two Old Fools on a Camel.

Tim Kreider is offering a new essay as a 99¢ download. The essay, Up in the Air, is a short – around 1500 words, the length of one of his New York Times op-eds), but it’s one of hsi favorites. The essay includes an old, previously-unpublished-online cartoon as an illustration. You can find out more at this link.

Ash Krafton is looking for blog hosts. All interested bloggers may send an email to The second novel in the Demimonde series was released May 14.

For anyone who hasn’t picked up the third Nick Bracco thriller A Touch of Greed by Gary Ponzo, grab it here on Amazon.

Will your publisher allow you to self-publish? Go here to find out.

Road Runner by Tee Tyson is among stories featured in the Fem Noir Cars and Girls, the first release from publisher Pankhearst. Cars and Girls goes on sale May 24.

Ted Bernal Guevara’s new book True Feel is set for release May 22. The story follows a paraplegic Chicago reporter investigates a murder in which the suspect is an exotic dancer…and his love interest.

Beverley Turner asks why Mary Beard chose to write about being a shoe addict in an article printed in UK paper The Telegraph May 9.

My News for the Week:

Kristal McKerrington and Canadian wrestler Joe E. Legend were guests on The L. Anne Carrington Show May 15 Part 1 and Part 2.

The L. Anne Carrington Show broadcasted live from Tampa, FL on May 11. Click here for the special episode.

Klass Act is listed in the AuthorsDB Book Cover Contest in the Sports and Outdoors category.

The Marilyn Diaries is in the Other category for AuthorsDB’s Book Cover Contest.

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Side B Magazine Accepting Submissions



Side B Magazine is devoted to publishing unknown and underrepresented voices in the contemporary arts world. They believe that all people have the right to read, see, and hear stories that affirm their identity.

Consequently, Side B has a special interest in publishing and promoting the work of women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people, working class people, and people with disabilities, especially in the beginning of their careers.

Side B has published eight print issues, a special anthology issue, ran an arts and culture blog for two years, and are currently accepting submissions for their forthcoming issue due in July.

Side B is currently accepting submissions for fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Please review submission guidelines page before you submit.