Book of the Week 4/29/13


Brian T. Shirley gives his readers an inside look at the lesser-known side of stand-up comedy in his 2012 Boston Book Festival feature book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Club (Libboo, 2012).

From amusing to what-the-heck-was-he-thinking moments while traveling across the country, Shirley outlines his experiences in a witty and delightful manner with a collection of short stories, while showing that stand-up comedy isn’t easy as it looks. There are many rough patches comedians go through to keep their audiences laughing, and Shirley reveals each experience in all of his stories.

For anyone who always wondered what happens behind the scenes in comedy,  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Club is perhaps the best book to satisfy one’s curiosity.

On a side note, Shirley loved writing this book so much he developed it into a one-man stage show. He does all the stories featured in the book, presenting them as question responses about being a comedian.