Book of the Week 4/8/13


Exotic dancing is not a topic spoken in most polite conversations, but author and former Detroit-based topless dancer Shelly Ramm gives us an inside look at the profession in her memoir The Life of Iroc the Topless Dancer (PublishAmerica, 2009).

While Ramm no longer works as an exotic dancer, revelations of her past profession range from tragic to hilarious. Iroc is a charming, eye-opening, witty, mouth-dropping, full of colorful characters and “Wow!”-worthy experiences.

This is a book that will make its readers walk away with a different perspective on the usual hush-hush world of exotic dancing while offering a laugh out loud experience. However, there are some shenanigans that aren’t for tender eyes or those who consider themselves prudes. In any case, the best ways to describe Iroc in an overall sense are liberal with no holds barred.

Because of the adult content, I can’t print any previews or elaborate on some of <em>Iroc’s</em> content, but I can say with confidence it more than qualifies as a read best set in the bedroom…to put it politely.