SEEN This Week 4/29/13

AOS101 This week’s book, author, and event news:

Stephan Pastis the former lawyer-turned-cartoonist behind the daily comic strip Pearls before Swine, was recently interviewed in The Los Angeles Times.

Have a peek at Lucy Felthouse’s new book cover. Grand Slam is an erotic romance she co-authored with Lily Harlem.

A review of Sliding on the Snow Stone by Andy Szpuk can be found at this link.

Kharisma Rayne would like to start featuring an author each month in her newsletter. If you’re interested, send an email to with Author Spotlight in the subject line. There is a stipulation: that you must agree to send a free ebook to one of the newsletter subscribers the month you are featured (there are currently 500 subscribers).

Gary Ponzo signed a contract with a publisher to produce an audiobook version of his Nick Bracco series. They are wanting to fast-track the process, so look for this to be available within 8-10 weeks. First up: A Touch of Deceit.

Dark Dragon Publishing is proud to announce that Tyner Gillies was one of Fan Expo Vancouver’s Author Guests. If you missed the event, you can still get a copy of The Watch here.

Jill Pennington’s book The diary of a single parent abroad is a true account of expat life with three kids, no man and no money on a Italian mountain, where wine is cheaper than water, so not all bad. Click here for the paperback, and the Kindle version at this link.

Famelton Writing Services’ aim is help aspiring authors with manuscript assessment, editing and proof reading before they approach publishers and agents. Go here to give their page a “like.”

If anyone would like a free review copy of Katheryn Lane’s next romance series, The Sheikh’s Beloved, send an email to for a .PDF copy.

My News for the Week:

The Marilyn Diaries is in the Top 25 in Other category for AuthorsDB’s Book Cover Contest!

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Book of the Week 4/29/13


Brian T. Shirley gives his readers an inside look at the lesser-known side of stand-up comedy in his 2012 Boston Book Festival feature book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Club (Libboo, 2012).

From amusing to what-the-heck-was-he-thinking moments while traveling across the country, Shirley outlines his experiences in a witty and delightful manner with a collection of short stories, while showing that stand-up comedy isn’t easy as it looks. There are many rough patches comedians go through to keep their audiences laughing, and Shirley reveals each experience in all of his stories.

For anyone who always wondered what happens behind the scenes in comedy,  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Club is perhaps the best book to satisfy one’s curiosity.

On a side note, Shirley loved writing this book so much he developed it into a one-man stage show. He does all the stories featured in the book, presenting them as question responses about being a comedian.

SEEN This Week 4/22/13

AOS101 This week’s book, author, and event news:

See & Be Seen is a finalist for a Golden Quill Award for Best Arts and Entertainment (first time the Quills have had that category). Also, Carly is a finalist for Best Feature, and Rob is a finalist in the Best Videography category. The web team is up for Best Breaking News Coverage. See and Be Seen also won the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Award for best television web site for the third year in a row!

Shelly Ramm is currently working on a sequel to her 2009 memoir, The Life of Iroc the Topless Dancer.

Danielle Zwissler’s books are going to be in a downtown bookstore in her area soon! She plans to post photos and additional news when it happens.

Kristal McKerrington signed a talent contract with a couple of wrestlers to do a reality series. More details will be coming in the near future.

Oblivion’s Forge (Aona) by Simon Williams was a featured book on Completely Novel April 14.

Baseball…full of curve balls, right? Read why Elaine Raco Chase’s Double Occupancy has been on the Top 50 List of books to read after 50 Shades of Grey for 38 continuous weeks!

Randy Attwood’s The Notebook (not to be confused with the film with the same title), is the lead story in the current issue of eNoir. It is not yet available on Amazon but can be found here.

An excerpt of the YA paranormal Alice’s Sacrifice by Angela DiGiglio can be read at this link.

Put the Kettle On and meet the Peiste, a lake monster featured in Autumn Glimmer, Pat McDermott’s recently released YA.

Doug Bremner recently finalized the book cover for his latest book, A Fresh Look at Greed The cover creation is courtesy of Heather McCorkle, with copy editing by Cheri Lasota. The cover may be viewed by clicking here.

Meg Wolitzer’s new book The Interestings is about lifelong friendships. Read which books on friendships are her favorites on BookRiot.

My News for the Week:

Klass Act ranked the following in Amazon’s (paid) Kindle Store April 19:
#70 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Literature & Fiction – Genre Fiction – Sports

Klass Act reached its final ranks during Amazon’s free promotion April 14-15:
#3 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Literature & Fiction – Genre Fiction – Sports and #2 in Kindle Store – Books – Fiction – Sports on

Klass Act received its second five-star review and a four-star review on Barnes and Noble.

Some more possible news on Klass Act: Apparently someone who read the book was so impressed with it that they planned to purchase a second copy to pass on to a key player in the sports entertainment field. Since nothing’s official yet, I’m not going to say any names, but I am happy about the potential idea.

The cover for my upcoming new book, The Marilyn Diaries, is part of a cover contest on AuthorsDB in the category “Other.”

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Book of the Week 4/22/13

WhoKnewBookI remember not long ago seeing Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems by Bruce Lubin and Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin (Telebrands Press, 2013) advertised on television and thinking the hints highlighted in its ad actually did what was claimed.

How wrong I was! Just for fun, I ordered a copy. It was only $10 through,though it is available for sale on various retail outlets (including Amazon).

When I read Who Knew?, I was both shocked and amazed to find how many products most of us already have in our homes can be used for household purposes (such as getting rid of wasps with wine, one of the suggestions advertised in its TV blurb). Quite of few of them were already common knowledge to me, but several others were either unheard of or relatively new – and yes, the ones I tried actually worked! I won’t say which ones; you’ll need to get this book and try a few of the thousands of ideas in it.

Who Knew? could contain some of the best household hints since Heloise; it may be the last book you’ll ever need to solve common – and not so common – daily problems when commercial products aren’t options for some reason or another. It’s the best $10 I’ve spent and I’m sure you will enjoy Who Knew? as well.

Want to be a guest and promote your books?

The L. Anne Carrington Show is seeking indy authors to be future guests on the show. If you’re looking for other ways for promoting your books, spread the word about this great opportunity. It’s free and all you’d need is to add authorlacarrington to your Skye or Yahoo Messenger accounts.

 The L. Anne Carrington Show normally airs Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 PM US Eastern time, but additional shows are occasionally broadcast for special events or to accommodate guests in other time zones.

SEEN This Week 4/15/13

AOS101 This week’s book, author, and event news:

Kelle Groom appeared at the University of Nevada-Reno April 8 and read from her memoir I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl.

George Polley received more positive reviews of his outstanding book The Old Man and the Monkey on Amazon, bringing total reviews to 34, with 30 of them being 5-star, three 4-star, and one 3-star.

Carrie Slager’s blog, The Mad Reviewer, is open for submissions. Her reviews are thoughtful and well-written, she will mark as she sees fit, but doesn’t often score low. She favours YA and fantasy, but has reviewed other books. Go here for additional information on having books reviewed.

Errol Come Home, the children’s book by Simon Swift, was launched April 11. Click here to like the Errol Come Home page on Facebook.

Be sure to tune in this coming week to The L. Anne Carrington Show, when author and The Lost and Found host Danielle Zwissler is scheduled to be interviewed April 17 and Kristal McKerrington April 18!

Peter Tapsell’s poem, Clowns, was accepted for publication in Ink, Sweat & Tears.

Brian T. Shirley’s book/stage show A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Club will be in Myrtle Beach, SC April 20, The Atlantis Resort, Bahamas April 22 – May 6th. The book is only 99 cents on Kindle or NOOK.


My News for the Week:

I was a guest April 9 on The Lost and Found with Danielle, where I discussed my latest book Klass Act, among other things. Part two of the interview can be heard at this link.

Klass Act got its first review on Barnes and Noble! Read it here The entire Cruiserweight Series published thus far is also avaliable for Nook.

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Book Profile 4/15/13


An excellent first book by author Mikaela Misti-Taylor Nayko Island ( Kindle, 2012) comes highly recommended by both readers and fellow independent authors alike. It’s a children’s book, but a delightful and well-written one.

Product Description (via

Justin and Alex find a magical world through the swimming pool in the basement of their new home. This world gets turned upside-down when Alex gets kidnapped. Panic-stricken Justin has to go to extreme lengths to rescue his sister. He sets off in search of her, meeting several strange creatures, having to decide which ones to trust and learning to use his newfound magical powers along the way. Justin gets taught a lesson from the most unlikely sources. This is a story of magic, friendship, trust and a brother’s love.