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How To Write A Romance Novel (A mini-course)

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Have you ever thought about writing a romance novel but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’ve started one but need some motivation to keep going. In this week long seminar you’ll learn-

  • How to craft characters both editors and readers will love.
  • How to put create natural sounding dialogue.
  • How to not run afoul of heading hopping.
  • How to compose an attention grabbing cover letter and synopsis

Susan Palmquist is the author of short stories and novels in both the romance and mystery genres. Under her pen name, Vanessa Devereaux, she’s the bestselling author of over 40 erotica stories and erotic romances. She’s also a writing tutor and teaches workshops for various chapters of the RWA. This seminar is a mini workshop based on her Amazon bestseller, How To Write a Romance Novel…getting it started and getting it published.


At the end of the seminar there will be prize drawing where one participant will win a copy of the electronic version of the book, plus feedback by Susan of a 1-2 page synopsis.


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