Book of the Week 2/18/13

JudasKissOne of the books I remember from its early development is CL Batty’s Judas Kiss (The Chronicles of Judas) (, 2012).

Judas Kiss unfolds the tale of a woman’s body washed up onto the banks of Thames. Raped, mutilated, and murdered, she bears a mysterious symbol carved onto her chest. Leo Harrison is investigating the woman’s murder, but the symbol is recognized by historian and occult specialist Helen Carey as the handiwork of serial killer Alexei Vorontsevich, executed for similar crimes in 1796…but how could he have left his mark in 2008?

Passion, intrigue, missing persons, buried pasts, and dark secrets are only a few features which are brilliantly portrayed in Judas Kiss. The story moves smooth and fast, the main characters drawn in a strong manner, and face it, Leo Harrison is a strong male lead with whom any woman could fall in love.

This book is not only far from a run-of-the-mill mystery, but also a sublime book that will be difficult to put down once you begin reading it. You can’t help but wonder what happens next – and who’s really behind the missing/dead women.

No, I’m not giving away the ending. You need to buy Judas Kiss and see for yourselves!


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  1. Having read this book, I completely agree that you cant put it down once you have started. Amazing twists and turns! If you only buy one book this year – this should be it.

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