Book of the Week 2/11/13

ACatsLifeWhether you are a cat owner, cat lover, or just enjoy cat humor, Gemma Correll’s A Cat’s Life (teNeues; Mul edition, 2012) is a whimsical book that features many forms of delightful vignettes

A Cat’s Life depicts the aloof yet loving furry creatures with sublime yet low-key humor guaranteed to make even the grumpiest of cats (and their owners) smile.Cute, quirky, laugh out loud worthy, surreal, and hilarious are just a few terms which accurately describe the drawings contained in this book. You’ll wonder what’s more humorous – the drawings themselves or the amusing captions beneath them. In either case, it’s a book that will brighten the reader’s day.

Correll certainly knows her cartooning and does it with style; she spent considerable time as an illustrator for The New York Times, Family Circle, and The Huffington Post. You may have also seen her work on a Hallmark card or two.

Have a cat fancier who also loves books on your Valentine or upcoming February birthday list? A Cat’s Life would make a fine gift…and no feeding/litter changing required!