Book of the Week 2/25/13

I had the honor of reading this dynamic book back in August 2011, and for anyone who has been in a precarious relationship with a man or woman will identify with the story of Barbara Bentley and John Perry.

A dashing, successful man comes into your life and sweeps you away. Enthralled with each other, the next logical step is marriage.

But what happens when you discover the one you loved and married isn’t who they appear to be?

The above scenario – and more – happened to Barbara Bentley, who outlines her true story of marriage to a man who nearly killed her in the book A Dance With the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath (Berkley/Penguin, 2008).

John Perry seemed to be the perfect mate for Barbara – worldly, intelligent, and sophisticated. Soon, when a lot of John’s stories didn’t add up, she became evasive when she would question him, her debt mounting from John’s excessive spending, his manipulations and trails of lies, but she still remained with him.

Little by little, Barbara began to discover the truth about John, which led to his eventual attempt to murder her, proving himself not the loving man Barbara had married, but the total sociopathic predator he actually was.

A Dance With the Devil succinctly outlines Barbara Perry’s moments from the start of her relationship with John Perry, the excitement and glamor of becoming an “admiral’s wife,” right through to the terrifying moments when she discovers John was never an admiral or other things he’d claimed – but spent the last 40 years as a con man.

Barbara tells her story without revealing too much too soon; the reader is pulled into her experiences of her 14-year marriage to John right from the beginning. Near the end of A Dance With the Devil, the real John Perry is unmasked. However, her bad experience isn’t written in a bitter tone of self-pity, but one which helps others take a closer look at their current relationships and not push aside any doubts – no matter how small they may be.

Cover to cover, A Dance With the Devil is an excellent read and difficult to set down once the pages begin turning. I’m sure there are many readers who could (or already can) identify with her experience. In addition to writing her book, Barbara took another step forward and pushed to change the laws in California.

This book is a highly recommended read in true-life experiences which make a woman stronger rather than tear her down.

SEEN This Week 2/25/13


This week’s book, event, and author news:

Discover new authors at The site features news about indie authors, book features, interviews, and more!

Cover for Daryl Devore’s erotic contemporary fantasy Capri’s Fate can be seen here.

Exciting stuff: Smut for Chocoholics is coming soon. Get more details on the British Romance Fiction Blog.

Thanks to Jamie Saloff for passing along the following: Authors, please remember when you get a generic order saying something like, “we want to purchase your book in quantity” (no name, no title, nothing about you) and they are located in a foreign country, that this is it’s a scam and you should never respond to such requests. One author pursue one of these and checked on the credit card information given to her through her bank. She was fortunate enough to learn the card number was fraudulent and did not ship any items. Anyone who wants to order your books in quantities will know the book titles and authors’ names. Hit the delete button immediately on any “generic” requests!

Dark Dragon Publishing is proud to announce that Tyner Gillies is one of Fan Expo Vancouver’s Author Guests! If you plan on going April 20-21 or even if you cannot attend, pick up a copy of his highly regarded novel The Watch.

If you like post-apocalyptic novels, you can enter to win copies of Books 1 and 2 of the Outside series by Shalini Boland.

Here is the new trailer for Tracey Wilson’s new book, The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace.

Kristal McKerrington posted a video on YouTube, where she discussed entertainment and romance.

Uvi Poznansky’s novel, Apart From Love, is now in production, soon to become an audiobook! The novel is told in two voices, Ben’s and Anita’s, and the interplay between the two of them is the essence of the story. Click here to learn more about this exciting news.

Check out the illustration for cover of Harvey Rooster’s debut children’s book, Errol Came Home. It’s a little story he wrote for his own children about the family cat.

Bev Allen received another great review for her book, Jabin and the Space Pirates.

My News for the Week:

The Cruiserweight ranked the following on Amazon February 24:

#32 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction > Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling
#71 in Books – Sports & Outdoors – Individual Sports – Wrestling

The Book Shelf Blog was mentioned in the February 24 edition of Newsletter under Ginger the Gangster Cat feature.

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SEEN This Week 2/18/13

presidents_day Happy President’s Day from here in the US! This week’s book, event, and author news:

Lacie Nation’s book Silent Tears was released February 12 by Sweet Cravings Publishing.

Click here to read a
very entertaining interview with Horny Devil Publishing author Tim Goodwood.

Cheryl Carpinello discusses writing medieval fiction for the younger set on the Boulder Writers Workshop.

Call to plus sized women: Do you love being just the way you are and want to do more for your community? The Queens of Alpha Pi Zeta Sorority Inc. are looking for people like you. If you’d like to learn more about the sorority, please visit their web site.

What do writers do when their sales slacken? Read this post to learn more!

Be sure to check out E.M. Marz’s book The Stone Theory: Tales of an Accidental Demon Hunter, a thrilling adventure in the tradition of Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Katniss Everdeen.

Edward Coburn’s The Dog Who Ate The Crossbow (An Adam and Bagel Mystery) is a five-star delight that can be found on Amazon.

Here is the latest trailer for Ashlyn Mathews’ paranormal romance, Shadow Watcher.

Check out Wired Kingdom, the terrific debut novel by Rick Chesler.

The fabulous Eden Baylee writing about erotica. If you don’t know Eden, you don’t know erotica. Click here to read more if you dare!

Watch the book video for Five Years and Counting: A Journey…Poetry by Cendrine Marrouat on IATV.

Your Brain on Books is a fascinating article on ten things that happen to our minds when we read.

Mitzi Szereto’s article on writing sex scenes appears in the new March/April issue of Publishing Talk.


My News for the Week:

Want to know who Klass Act’s leading man Donovan Klass really is? Check out his profile here.

I once again placed among the Top 20 AUTHORSDb Author Profiles on February 15.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Cruiserweight on February 14 #58 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling

Amazon Best Sellers Rank for The Cruiserweight’s Daughter February 14: # 46 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling

Special thanks to Kristal McKerrington for the shout out to me during The Lost and Found Show’s February 12 broadcast. Click here to listen. The Cruiserweight is among the mention, which begins at 36:45.


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Book of the Week 2/18/13

JudasKissOne of the books I remember from its early development is CL Batty’s Judas Kiss (The Chronicles of Judas) (, 2012).

Judas Kiss unfolds the tale of a woman’s body washed up onto the banks of Thames. Raped, mutilated, and murdered, she bears a mysterious symbol carved onto her chest. Leo Harrison is investigating the woman’s murder, but the symbol is recognized by historian and occult specialist Helen Carey as the handiwork of serial killer Alexei Vorontsevich, executed for similar crimes in 1796…but how could he have left his mark in 2008?

Passion, intrigue, missing persons, buried pasts, and dark secrets are only a few features which are brilliantly portrayed in Judas Kiss. The story moves smooth and fast, the main characters drawn in a strong manner, and face it, Leo Harrison is a strong male lead with whom any woman could fall in love.

This book is not only far from a run-of-the-mill mystery, but also a sublime book that will be difficult to put down once you begin reading it. You can’t help but wonder what happens next – and who’s really behind the missing/dead women.

No, I’m not giving away the ending. You need to buy Judas Kiss and see for yourselves!

Book of the Week 2/11/13

ACatsLifeWhether you are a cat owner, cat lover, or just enjoy cat humor, Gemma Correll’s A Cat’s Life (teNeues; Mul edition, 2012) is a whimsical book that features many forms of delightful vignettes

A Cat’s Life depicts the aloof yet loving furry creatures with sublime yet low-key humor guaranteed to make even the grumpiest of cats (and their owners) smile.Cute, quirky, laugh out loud worthy, surreal, and hilarious are just a few terms which accurately describe the drawings contained in this book. You’ll wonder what’s more humorous – the drawings themselves or the amusing captions beneath them. In either case, it’s a book that will brighten the reader’s day.

Correll certainly knows her cartooning and does it with style; she spent considerable time as an illustrator for The New York Times, Family Circle, and The Huffington Post. You may have also seen her work on a Hallmark card or two.

Have a cat fancier who also loves books on your Valentine or upcoming February birthday list? A Cat’s Life would make a fine gift…and no feeding/litter changing required!

SEEN This Week 2/11/13

AOS101This week’s book, event, and author news:

Alana Lorens’ Secrets in the Sand was featured February 3 on Blurbs in Bloom, a web home for romances in the sweet and sensual range for those who like books without erotic content.

Randy Attwood received mention in the Kansas City Star’s February 1 edition for one of his novels, Blow Up the Roses.

A Writer’s Bucket List is an inspirational and educational ebook for budding writers. The book is a launching point for all of the possibilities of being a writer, a kick-in-the-butt for those who don’t know what to do next, and a simple guide to help writers forge their own unique career/life paths. Check it out at this link.

David Brown, author of Man vs. Cat, was a February 4guest blogger on Andi’s Middle Grade and Chapter Books. There is also an interview with one of the kitties, Buggles.

Heidi Lynn Anderson has been nominated for Holidays Menage Romances for her book Christmas Longing. Go here to vote.

Peycho Kanev’s poem Americans is published in the Evergreen Review. It was one of the last poems that the great editor Barney Rosset read and approved himself before he passed away in 2012. This great magazine presented some of the best and most provocative literary writing of the time: Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and many others.

Read and listen to Helen Yee’s and four other stories on Richard B. Wood ‘s excellent Word Count podcast.

Recently meeting a mega-author proved that with talent, hard work, determination, help from God, and a little luck dreams can turn into an incredible reality. Check out Randy Mitchell’s latest article here.

The Little Camera by LK Jay launched February 4 on

Chris Langer has a great article on on what not to expect from the next Playstation and Xbox.

My News for the Week:

Mark your calendars: I’ll be doing two live author chats in 2013. The first will be June 10 on Night Owl Romance, and the second October 22 on Coffee Time Romance.

AUTHORSDb listed me as one of their Top 20 Most Popular Authors February 9.

I was a guest blogger February 8 on Night Owl Romance, where I discussed my upcoming book, Klass Act.

The Cruiserweight ranked the following February 8 on Amazon:
#61 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling

The Cruiserweight’s Daughter ranked the following February 7 on Amazon:
#30 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Nonfiction – Sports – Individual Sports – Wrestling
#75 in Books – Sports and Outdoors – Individual Sports – Wrestling
#85 in Kindle Store – Kindle eBooks – Fiction – Genre Fiction – Sports

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Anne of Green Gables New Cover

CreateSpace has offered a new cover version for Anne of Green Gables. Many readers of the popular classic have offered offered more than their share of negative feedback, some dubbing it “Anne Hathaway of Green Gables.”

Where is the spirited 11-year-old redhead from the early 1900’s with her famous pigtails, freckles, and sun hat? Does an old standard really need to be revamped with a blonde reclining on a haystack, smiling suggestively?

Does a little girl most of us read about during our own growing-up years need to be sexualized? Whoever thought of this cover design either didn’t grasp the original material or – more than likely – didn’t read it at all.

Granted there are going to be arguments that Anne is “getting with the times,” the new cover girl is pretty, and the plaid shirt is a nice touch, but what happened to the old adage of “don’t fix what isn’t broken?”

Classics are classics for a reason. Why change what already works?

Read more about what others are thinking of the cover makeover on Global