Book of the Week 1/28/13

LoseWeightAtHomeEvery New Year, one of the most popular resolutions is to lose weight. For those who want to bypass complicated fitness routines, intimidated by gyms, or can’t afford the services of a personal trainer, Lose Weight At Home: 20 At Home Workouts To Jump-Start Your Weight Loss  by Erika Alexander (Amazon Digital Services) could be your answer for working toward a better body and healthy lifestyle.

Lose Weight at Home features easy-to-follow fitness routines for both beginners and those whose fitness levels are more advanced. Unlike many programs, these body-weight exercises are fun and can be done almost anywhere.

Not everyone is a marathon runner, weight lifter, or overall athlete, and with busy lifestyles, it’s not always easy to get in quality workouts on a daily basis (though the recommended minimum each week is three days). With Lose Weight at Home, the average time anyone will need is ten minutes – and isn’t that time alone worth getting better health?

I haven’t found a paperback version of this book yet, but the Kindle edition was easy to read and instructions for each exercise clear and concise. For the fitness buff with limited time, I highly recommend Lose Weight at Home to kick start – and keep – your New Year’s resolution.