Authors: Get Listed on AUTHORSdb


AUTHORSdb is a web site that helps promote authors free of charge. Similar to the Internet Movie Database, AUTHORSdb features photos, videos, list of authors’ books, and other information.

Some of the ways this site benefits its listed authors (from the AUTHORSdb web site):

Organic (non-paid) Google backlinks are critical to any Social Media Marketing. There is no guarantee however authors on AUTHORSdB are enjoying being indexed in Google in less than 24 hours. See for yourself. Google search: and see if your listing comes up.

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Posting a listing on AUTHORSdb is totally free of charge, and makes a great promotional tool whether you’re an established author or just had your first book published. Be sure to visit the site for more details and to view the current author listings.